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  1. I beg to differ, sir. Well, this sounds like you neglected to test certain situations because you don't care to configure your own system a certain way. I do recall reading other posts that mention similar firewall hits. I'm not sure why you're intent on blaming your users in every case. Isn't there the slightest possibility that this happens as described by multiple users on certain systems with certain firewall and anti-virus configurations? For my part, I DON'T care to have applications phoning home without asking my permission and without notifying me. I also don't care to have applications phoning out to various and sundry third party websites without my permission and without notifying me. Apparently, users who have not run into this problem with your installer do not worry about leaving their system wide open and allowing any and all applications to calling home or out to any number of servers for any reason, regardless of whether or not the software has any business connecting to the internet for it's functionality. Finally, I don't care to have applications install and change my system settings and other unrelated application settings without my consent. Again, this is not the case. If I had the time and a system to spare, I would screen capture the behaviour for you, but I've already spent more than enough time dealing with this and it's not my burden to prove or fix. Glad to hear it. The ASK uninstaller also needs some work, so it's system changes do not linger after being uninstalled.
  2. I just decided to check if there was a new version of ImgBurn out and tried to install the latest version. During installation my firewall popped up a few warnings and I denied all attempts to connect to the internet. During the installation screen, I saw a page asking to install Ask Toolbar. I attempted to UNCHECK all Ask options because I DO NOT authorize the installation of ASK Malware. None of the selections unchecked and the installer hung for a moment, then proceeded to install anyway. I promptly uninstalled ImgBurn and uninstalled ASK, which forcibly installed itself without my consent when I specifically clicked to UNCHECK to disallow all installation. Don't tell me I have to allow ASK Malware to phone home to expressly DISALLOW installation. I forbid phoning home as well as installation. Now, with ASK UNINSTALLED ALL my browsers are still set to ASK.com with your referral link, none of which was done with my consent and AFTER ASK was UNINSTALLED. IN IE, I am getting a message that a program on my computer is suggesting a new search proved (ASK) EVEN THOUGH ASK is uninstalled. I'm now combing through everything on my drive with Spyware and Malware scanners to get rid of all unauthorized changes to my system. If you don't remove ASK Malware from your installer, I suggest you figure out a way to prevent it from installing without user authorization, without phoning home and make sure that it FULLY and PROPERLY uninstalls all traces of itself and any authorized changes it makes to a system, when the ASK uninstaller is run. EDIT: Well, now I've read through other posts where other users have exactly the same problem. It seems you have convinced some of them that they somehow unintentionally clicked forward or install. Well, I know for sure that I did not. This just happened minutes ago. I was sitting there waiting for the THREE checkboxes that I clicked to UNCHECK to become unchecked, when the program went ahead anyway. I would never just go ahead and click forward with three checkboxes checked saying that I authorized something which I DO NOT AND DID NOT AUTHORISE. I've been around the block with all sorts of tricky adware and toolbars for years and in every case I'll just back out and cancel if I'm unable to deselect the Malware options. This is the only installer I've ever seen on any of my systems that went ahead and installed WITHOUT MY CONSENT.
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