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  1. i dont know if this is still relevant but i live in the uk and i get mine from play.com 10 for £9.99 Free P&P dont bother with the 25 and 50 pack as it would be cheaper to buy them in 10s http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/7871837/Verbatim-43666-DVD-R-8x-Dual-Layer-Disc-10-spindle/Product.html the disc id: MKM-003-00 Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x they are made in Singapore
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    Also Imgburn Rocks!!!!!
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    i have firmware version sb04 on mine you have to downgrade to sb02 then goto keron v1.0 some reason sb04 to sb00 didnt work also make sure you get XBC v2.9 i tried v2.6 and my drive wasnt recognized.
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    am looking for the firmware keron v1.0 SH-D162D can anyone help?
  5. i was backing up my xbo 360 games and got this problem L-EC Uncorrectable Error on the verfied side i wasted 10 verbatims on this DVD+R DL Disc ID: MKM-003-00) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x) found out it was my burner being faulty i bought a new cheap one pioneer DVR-A18L which is compatiable with vista and 7 (http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/CD%2FDVD+Drives/Internal/IDE/PIONEER+DVR-A18LBK++22x+DVD+WRITER+IDE+BLACK+RETAIL+BOXED+?productId=38513) cost me £15.95 with out P&P and came with Nero 9 essentials now i no longer get the error. im running vista home premium 32Bit AMD Athlon Duel Core 4200+ 2.20Ghz hope this helps other people.
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