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  1. A couple days ago I was attempting to make a CD involving some sound effects. Some tracks were long, while others were very short. I got through creating the cue sheet just fine, but when I attempted to burn the disk imgburn gave me a very unhelpful error that said basically "unable to send cue sheet, invalid parameter." (what parameter was invalid? It didn't say) I was stumped by this for the rest of the day, but finally realized after some research that the Red Book audio CD standard sets a minimum track length of 4 seconds. The solution then, was easy: I just fired up Audacity and added silence to the tracks that were shorter than 4 seconds (which makes me wish Audacity was script-able, but...). My suggestion is to add more helpful warnings before creating a cue sheet that fails to meet Red Book standards. Something along the lines of this would be helpful: NOTICE You are about to create a cue sheet that fails to meet the following Red Book audio CD standard(s): -A track is less than the minimum length of 4 seconds. Sending this cue sheet to the CD drive will likely fail. Continue creating this cue sheet? (Yes/No) Something along these lines would hopefully make running into this error more graceful. Thanks! EDIT: An alternative way to do this would be displaying the incorrect parameter in the cue sheet (what, exactly, is wrong with it) when displaying the unable to send cue sheet error.
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