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  1. <br /><br /><br /> it must be the way this site posted the above, i never put it that way, sorry, prob in settings i am not a newbie only on this site, just never used img usually nero or roxio, thought i'd try, but i did use anysoft to convert tks forget about the quote etc on top
  2. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />I hate to take your time with someone else's issue, i called Funai tech, and i asked them whatDVD consisted of if it was mpeg 2, the answer i got was no this unit will only play a DVD-video. Not mpeg 2,.<br /><br />The wikopedia appears to say it is composed of mpeg 2.<br /><br />I realize all these players are different, mine has a digital tuner, vhs-dvd dubbing capability, i would have to copy the page and post it here for you to read it.<br /><br />I installed DVD Flick, but have not set it up to use, watched the youtube tutorial which was good.<br /><br />This unit also says it has to have a region symbol if that is NTSC TO play, i just want to convert my mov files a ton of them to play on dvd players thanks again
  3. Thanks for that prompt response. Is a DVD video comprised of (*mpg)? I called a local store as mu unit is 2years old and they said mpeg 2 or mpg 2 not sure about the "e" I see on DVD Flick, that it converts to what is necessary. thanks
  4. How do you convert with img to just get a DVD video? can not be .mpg format Is DVD video actually (*.mpg), that's what a video converter i have shows it, but in the DVD manual it says only DVD video. MAGNAVOX ZV45OMW8A i have several files to convert that are .mov and i would like to get them to stand alone players? thanks
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