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  1. Ok, thanks for the quick replies all and thanks Lightning for a great program!
  2. Ok , thanks for that - so when I open up the image I created and it gives the "File Sys" as: "ISO9660, UDF (1.02)" that would be correct for a DVD video?
  3. Ok, where can I check that? And am I able to check it from the already created image or only when first selecting the files\folder?
  4. In the guides it does not make it clear so maybe it does not matter but..... When you "create image" from "files\folder" does it make a difference if I add the source as a complete "folder" (IE: the "Video_TS" folder) or as "files" (IE: the VOBs etc INSIDE the Video_TS folder)? I'm creating a DVD image to do this.
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