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  1. For some reason, the "processor" object was disabled together with some other OS performance objects. I just have them enabled. It seems like the graph is getting back to normal (plus I got CPU and buffer plots, too). Hopefully, that should have resolved the problem. Thanks
  2. I actually don't have a "Processor" object in Perfmon. Take a look, But I have a similar counter under "Process" object,
  3. I am using English version of Windows XP Pro SP2. Can this delay be fixed ? Thanks.
  4. The same problem occured again. Attached is the IBG file. I can't attach a file with .IBG extension. So I add a .txt extension to it instead. Please take look and see if you find what the problem is. Guess I might have to switch back to v1.2 for the time being. SEINFELD_S6_D4_8x.ibg.txt Thanks.
  5. I switched back to v1.2 ever since I encountered those strange IBG graphs. After I've read your last reply, I was trying to get you the IBG file of the erratic graph. And I uninstalled v1.2 in order to do a clean install of v1.3. Guess what, the graph turns out to be fine again. I guess it would be a good idea to uninstall the old version first before installing a newer version of ImgBurn. Will keep you post if I encounter the problem again. Thanks.
  6. Nothing has been changed on my machine except updating IMGBURN to ver 1.3. I don't understand how that could affect the timing of my machine. I just uninstalled v1.3 and re-install with v1.2. The graph turned out to be fine again. Has there anything been changed ever since v1.2 in regarding IBG graphing ? Thx.
  7. Hi, I just updated to v1.3 and it seems like everytime when I burn an image, the IBG graph just doesn't match the actual writing speed. But it only happens on every first burn as I start up the machine. All subsequent burns are fine. I am using Pioneer DVR-110D v1.39 with TYG02 media. As you know, 8x speed is being done as Z-CLV, but the graph is showing 8x CLV instead which is impossible. I was looking at the speed showing on ImgBurn during the process and confirmed that it started at 6x and switched to 4x at about 400MB. However, the graph is showing 8x all across. I've never seen this problem before with v1.2 Below is the subsequent burn which appears to be fine in terms of reporting the actual writing speed Please advise. Thx
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