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  1. Thanks! You've given me a workaround. If I scroll through the file list before I grab the TrackList file it's correct. I have a 'before' and 'after' TrackList on screen right now.
  2. Yes, the info is always correct when I click (or scroll to) any file in the window, and it is also correct in the resulting .cue file.
  3. I've switched to a different CD files folder with 20 files for testing. I found that the one I'd used for the Original Post sometimes fails to exhibit the problem. I wonder whether it depends on the order in which Windows passes the files. I know from experience with my own programming that the files don't necessarily arrive in the sorted sequence of the folder listing. The files all have Track# populated in the tags. I don't know whether ImgBurn sorts a passed list by track# or filename - for me it would be the same. I had 'Default Disc/Track' set to 'Custom/Tag' since I use our pastor's name and the church for the Disc Performer. When I set Disc/Track to Tag/Tag and pass a selection of multiple files, the Disk Performer name comes from one of the files (all have the same Album, same as Disk). This setting change had no effect on the track list portion of ImgBurn_TrackListing.txt except to show our pastor's name as Performer in the last track (since now it doesn't match Disk Performer). The other tracks showed the filename instead of the Tag info. Again after the default setting change, if I drag the files individually to the Create CUE File window, the TrackListing file correctly shows the Tag info and no filenames. This is the same result as with Default = Custom/Tag except that the Disc Performer now comes from the 1st file passed.
  4. Sorry about the long delay here - I thought I would get an email when there was a reply since I have Follow Topic enabled. I always have Tag enabled for CD-TEXT. Seems if I add one file at a time to the window instead of dragging the whole group, the TrackListing file is correct. The info shown in the Performer and Title fields is always correct. Also, the .cue file is never affected by this anomaly, only the TrackListing file..
  5. I have a 64-bit laptop running Windows 7. I am generating cue files and editing the Track Listing output to make labels. The audio is in .flac files generated by Audacity. I tried converting them to .mp3, and it made no difference. More often than not, the Track Listing file from ImgBurn contains filenames where the titles should be except for the last file or two, and Performer info is missing. Example: ========== Pastor Marc Aube, Springfield Assembly of God - 2021.09.05AM Move with Mercy (Lk 18.9-14,36-39; Mt 24.12; 14.14-18; 15.22-24; 9.36; Heb 2.18; Mk 7.24-25; 10.13-15; Col 3.12-13) (71:23:28) 01 - 01-Since Jesus came Into my Heart (03:59:41) 02 - 02-God's Wonderful Peace (06:31:69) 03 - 03-The Only Real Peace (04:49:38) 04 - 04-God is my Refuge (02:44:29) 05 - 05-Offering - Pauline -NCS (01:00:14) 06 - 06-Offertory - The Lord is In This Place (00:55:62) 07 - 07-Missionary Offering - Pauline & Sue -NCS,M9,M10 (00:26:17) 08 - 08-Offertory - The Lord is In This Place (cont) -NCS (05:09:15) 09 - Sermon (45:44:43) 10 - Closing Prayer (02:44:58) =========== "07-Missionary Offering - Pauline & Sue -NCS,M9,M10" is the file name. "Missionary Offering - Pauline & Sue" is the title, verified by MP3TAG. ==== When I left the Performer and Title fields blank for Disc, the last two lines of Track Listing were changed thus: 09 - 09-Sermon (45:44:48) 10 - Pastor Marc Aube, Springfield Assembly of God - Closing Prayer (02:44:63) "Pastor Marc Aube, Springfield Assembly of God" is the Performer for both tracks 09 & 10. If I pass only the 1st 8 files to ImgBurn, and leave the Disc info blank, I get this: Unknown - Unknown (25:38:60) 01 - 01-Since Jesus came Into my Heart (03:59:41) 02 - 02-God's Wonderful Peace (06:31:69) 03 - 03-The Only Real Peace (04:49:38) 04 - 04-God is my Refuge (02:44:29) 05 - 05-Offering - Pauline -NCS (01:00:14) 06 - 06-Offertory - The Lord is In This Place (00:55:62) 07 - 07-Missionary Offering - Pauline & Sue -NCS,M9,M10 (00:26:17) 08 - Rod Lambert - Offertory - The Lord is In This Place (cont) (05:09:15) - DickN
  6. Bit Defender forbids the setup file from existing on my Windows 7 laptop. It removes the file immediately upon download. On my Vista system, which has ESET and Webroot, Webroot prevents the download from completing, leaving an exe file with .part still appended to the file name. Vista prevents me from removing the ".part" from the filename, so I tried saving it on a thumb drive and renaming it on my old Windows XP system. I figured if the file were really incomplete it would get some kind of error when it ran or tried to unpack the binary, The only alternative was to be online with the antivirus disabled - an unacceptable risk. I made sure the Vista system was offline, then tried running the setup program. It started, but disappeared from the screen and from the task manager's list while I was reading the license agreement. I hadn't even gotten to the part about OpenCandy. There was no error message. Then I tried stopping Webroot and running it again. The installer ran to completion. Being offline also prevented OpenCandy from popping up its option box, or else the download really was incomplete and somehow the process terminated without an error (very unlikely). I ran ESET to verify that no candy crumbs were left behind. Referring to the screenshot by the initial poster, "Recommended by ImgBurn" tells the world that you endorse the software that OpenCandy is installing. You're endorsing a product apparently without even knowing in advance what it is and, more likely than not, having never tried it. You're putting your reputation on the line for it, gainsaying the disclaimer in the license agreement. Doesn't that make you a little nervous? I doubt most people would go to this much trouble to install a program against the efforts of their antivirus, nor would I if I weren't a long-time user in need of an update. I'd read somewhere (probably in the forum) that there's a way to tell ImgBurn to actually compare data when verifying a CD, and I couldn't find that option in the version I was using. I had a CDRW that verified OK but played like a grungy record even in the PC on which I'd burned it. Then I tried verifying it again and it still verified OK. I use CDRWs for temporary media when I'm going to make copies on the duplicator at church, and the duplicator gave me all blank CD's! I was even able to reuse them. Now if I can just find that setting to make verify actually check the data...
  7. Still me, so this is an update rather than a reply (no replies after 4 months?!?): I found that if I save the project folder (.flac files and a .cue file) to a thumb drive and then open the .cue file in the thumb drive the CD gets burned properly every time. Why this would make any difference is beyond me, since ImgBurn apparently expands the .flac files into RAM first anyway, but this is what I'm seeing. After a couple months of this as my Standard Operating Procedure, I took a few items off the startup list in Windows. One of them was LSBURNWATCH.EXE (I've never used Light Scribe and have never even seen the media for sale). I don't know whether this is what made the difference, but now I've burned 4 audio CD's from the hard drive with no problems. The problem was so persistent before that I'd have been very unlikely to have 4 consecutive successes with 4 different projects. Guess I'd have to re-enable LSBURNWATCH.EXE in Startup to find out for sure if this is what makes the difference. I'll try this if anyone is interested, but as for myself I'm content to just let a working system stay that way.
  8. I record church services on my laptop and edit them for CD and podcast. Using HP laptop running XP, I had been using Sonic with no problems except Sonic adds 2 sec pre-gaps even if they're turned off. Getting metadata into WMA files is an extra step with my tool set, but not so with FLAC. I'd been using ImgBurn on the tower computer (Vista system), so I put it on the laptop so I could burn from FLAC files. I'm using the same blank disks I've been using all along with Sonic. Problem is: Most (but not all) attempts to burn a CD result in a few seconds of loud buzz (if I rip it and view the waveform in Audacity it looks like a string of bipolar trianglar pips), followed by normal audio until the last track, which is missing a few seconds at the end. The track counter and CD Text are offset a few seconds from the audio playback. It's as if the buzz were prefixed to Track 1 but the time for Track 1 was not extended in the TOC, and then that interval was dropped off the end of the last track. At the end of the burn, the CD burner just stops writing with Device Buffer full, BUFFER empty, disk spinning, and the PC partially hung. I suspect from this that the "few seconds" I keep mentioning are the length of the Device Buffer. Log is not saved. I can copy/paste the log from screen to Notepad, but can't save the file. If I try to stop ImgBurn via the square button, nothing happens. If I try it again, ImgBurn says "I heard you the first time". If I try to close it with the X button, all that stops is the GUI. Task Manager says it's still running, and I can't kill it. I can't even reboot except via the power switch. If I try in Test Mode, all's well every time. In both Test and (normal) modes, Device Buffer, which bobbles around 99-100% otherwise, drops to 5% just before each step speed change, which doesn't happen on the tower. Buffer, however, stays at 99-100% until the end. There aren't any glitches in the bulk of the recording, so I don't think this is part of the problem. Actually writing resulted in a hang but Test Mode didn't. Unless the drive reads what's written when not in Test Mode, why would this be? I tried enabling OPC. It made no difference. I've attached 2 log files. TestMode.txt is a log of two Test Mode "burns" with different blank CD's. The second "burn" is with the same type as in the other log file, FailedWrite.txt. The latter I copied manually from the screen and typed into a text editor. It contains some additional information which I copied from the screen. I would appreciate any help with this, since the unwanted pre-gaps I get with Sonic are very annoying in a live recording (reminiscent of 8-tracks!) but until this is resolved we have to live with them or else I have to tell people to wait until next Sunday while I burn their CD's at home on the tower. Unrelated question: "Disk ID" in the log has format <ii>m<jj>s<kk>f. Is that somehow related to min:sec:frames? That would imply 97+ minutes, and it's the same for 2 separate disks which is surprising for something with "ID" in the name. Media Capacity in Sectors looks more like 2.08 sec short of 80 minutes, assuming 1 sector = 1 CDDA frame. TestMode.txt FailedWrite.txt
  9. Oops - I meant WMA. That's what I get for working till 4 AM. I've been experimenting with this and it happens regardless of what precedes the track, except that the time offset from the start of the disk to track 4 seems to matter. I found a CD that I burned about a month ago with about the same time offset to start of track 4, for which I still have the Audacity project. That one has a sector missing at about 13 seconds into track 4. But I have another CD I burned a few months ago with just 1 long track, for which I also still have the Audacity project, and that one has no glitches at all. What I'm doing for test is importing back to Audacity, lining up the tracks, inverting the one from the CD and summing. If a sector was missed, the sum is nonzero from there on. The other odd thing is that the disk verifies OK if I have Verify checked. Does Verify for CD's compare the CD with the input files, or just verify that all sectors are readable? I also had a couple of program hangs at "analyzing sector xx" for verify. When this happens, the hard drive light stays on pretty steadily but nothing happens until I abort the verify.
  10. I'm making a practice CD from a mix of WAV's & WMP's (WMP version 2, FFmpeg) exported from Audacity. The CD has 41 tracks, and track #4 gets a defect on the CD which is not in the WMP file. I first noticed the glitch on playback, so burned another copy with Verify checked. It verified OK but has the same glitch. I tried making another cue file and burning another CD with just that track and two others, one on each side of it. No glitch! I exited and restarted ImgBurn using the original cue file to make yet another CD, Verify ON, and drat! Same glitch in the same place, still passes Verify. All in all, I burned a half dozen CD's trying to get a good one. I captured the CD playback (too much frustration with CD rippers) from Stereo Mix back into Audacity so I could see exactly what happened. 588 samples are missing at a point 49+ seconds into the track. The resulting time offset persists for the rest of the track. The fact that all the CD's pass Verify suggests to me that ImgBurn is getting the error when reading the WMP, but it didn't happen when I made the test CD with just 3 tracks. Is ImgBurn caching the files somewhere so I keep getting the defective copy? Under the hood, is it making an Image file for the burn and reusing it whenever it gets the same cue file? If either is the case, how can I force ImgBurn to empty the cache and start afresh? I'd post this on the bugs forum but I'm not sure it's repeatable to anyone else, and besides it looks like I'd have to upload the works over my dialup to put the track where it is when I have the problem. I did upload the log file, having observed that's what you usually ask people for. I note that for the test CD with 3 tracks, that doesn't show the glitch, the sector count is 8773-4218 = 4555, same as for that track (#4) on the longer one. I should think they'd differ by 1. - DickN ImgBurn.log
  11. DickN


    Yep, found it! Opens a folder with a file for each disk I've burned. Then I just had to set Windows to open them with BurnPlot, and [cue the brass section] voila! Thanks!
  12. DickN


    Thanks - that was it. I guess I can't view the plot if I've exited ImgBurn since I burned a disk, huh? - DickN
  13. DickN


    I just downloaded ImgBurn and BurnPlot and put BurnPlot.exe in the ImgBurn folder. Then I burned a couple of CD's. When I tried to plot, ImgBurn said it couldn't find DVDInfoPro. I clicked Yes for "Do you want to locate it manually?" and navigated to BurnPlot.exe. ImgBurn said "You need a newer version of DVDInfoPro; Version Required:; Version Installed: Can I get around this? Are ImgBurn and BurnPlot compatible? One can hardly expect the same rev levels from two different code sources! Thanks - DickN
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