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  1. Hello. I updated the Spanish (international) translation, and made some minor improvements. spanish_international.lng If you want me to update and improve the traditional version and/or to do so with both translations in future releases, just tell me. Best regards.
  2. Thank you. I was already worried... I checked the traditional one and it's basically acceptable, so I think it's not necessary to correct it right now. I could correct the minor issues it has when a new version of the translation file is released and that traditional Spanish translation needs to be updated. The email address for this account is the one I use regularly, so you can send me a message when both Spanish translations need to be updated that I'll probably read the same day. Best regards.
  3. La verdad, no sé para qué te has molestado. Tienes dos traducciones al español, una «internacional» y otra «tradicional»... Español correcto solo hay uno, y es el que sigue la norma culta (que expone y regula la Real Academia Española junto con las demás Academias de la Lengua Española). Lo que sí puede variar son algunos términos o vocablos, pero no hay tantos como para que haya una diferencia significativa.
  4. Hello, Some time ago, I totally corrected both of the Spanish translations for ImgBurn, international and traditional, and updated them. Now I've seen that someone updated the international version to the latest release of the program, and I've checked it. I've discovered that it is not an update at all, but a nonsense. It is all translated again, but really poorly since it seems that all has been translated automatically, with some translation program, cause no caption makes any sense, obviously. There are lots and lots of orthographical and gramatical mistakes, and inadequate vocabulary. No one asked me (you should have... I didn't know that Spanish translation needed an update), but I've updated the last good Spanish translation as ImgBurn deserves. I hope you take translations more seriously and watch carefully the quality of them. spanish_international.lng Regards.
  5. Oh, sorry, I couldn't figure out what the message meant. It's all OK now. Thanks for the help. As I said, that missing line and so the error was already in the Samuel Yela de Cabo's file. No one realized or cared all this time? Anyway, I am uploading right now the ultimate version for the traditional Spanish translation. spanish_traditional.lng Regards.
  6. OK, I've updated and corrected the traditional version and improved the international. But there's a problem! Before and after the update and correction of the traditional version, when I enter to Settings it gives me an error, and I don't know what's the matter. I thought it would be fixed when I had updated it... Can you fix that? Anyway I upload both files. Just tell me if you need more linguistical work to do. spanish_international.lng spanish_traditional.lng Regards.
  7. OK, I will correct important mistakes and update the traditional version. Regards.
  8. I'm glad. I can also update the traditional version; if you want, just tell me. Regards.
  9. I did more corrections and added missing lines. Regards.
  10. Thank you for the info, I'll do that. No, I corrected the international version (I think). Anyway, traditional and international are, or should be, the same in practical terms. Regards.
  11. Hello, I've just registered because I've corrected the whole Spanish translation file (which was pretty awful) and I want to share it. I think the work I've done is very important, and I would like to know how can I send the corrected file to developers or what serious place I can upload it (maybe this forums are serious enough...). I really want my file to be considered as official, because I'm a linguist and I guarantee a perfect translation, at least in orthography, grammar and vocabulary. Regards. File attached. FILE UPDATED. spanish_international.lng
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