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  1. Thank you. I can burn my LUKS disk with imgburn. Why I don't use file mode burn? Bes smby ask what is this file type etc?
  2. Yes I think, hex editing maybe need, and iso extension, bec if I write planely I got wrong disk. I will probe.
  3. Yes, It seems good. I can load image. Yes I can mount with Freeotfe, but I make image in linux. By this way dd if=/dev/zero of=dvd.img bs=2048 count=2292480 losetup /dev/loop0 dvd.img sudo cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/loop0 sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0 dvd sudo mkntfs -Q -L "neve" -C -p 1 -H 0 -S 0 /dev/mapper/dvd sudo mount /dev/mapper/dvd -t ntfs-3g /media/dvd At now I cannot mount writed dvd with freeotfe, but maybe, for bits problem have. I will test. I dont use extension (.vol), bec I dont associate this type file for OS.
  4. Ok, I probed rename the file. But also I get same message. Yes you can It is Mode1 image.
  5. This is a disk image, like ISO. Question is how can I burn usnupported image file burn to disk, not like file, like disk image. Or How can I switch off disk image check?
  6. Hello, I have a LUKS disk image format. How can I burn? For K3B and for Nero also it is "Invalid or unsupported image file format" but I can Ignore this error message. How can this with ImbBurn?
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