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  1. How is it not obvious? Clearly I have the option not to install it. Do you see the nature of what it's come to though? I understand your points Rincewind and they are valid to a degree, but does it make much sense to uncheck the box that says "I agree to the license agreement" to your average user? It causes confusion and adds unnecessary ads. I've donated before but lightning UK has no removed them. It's certainly not a good start to encourage donations. I don't use Winamp, so I can't testify to that. Lightning UK. Respond.
  2. To clarify my point above, I meant to say how is your average computer user supposed to know that they don't have to check the I agree to these conditions/terms and install Ask Toolbar? Your software is good, but it's not take it or leave it if you use deceptive practices like that.
  3. I registered simply to bring back up the issue of the Ask Toolbar option during installation for your program. Lightning, you failed to answer this question properly the last time it was brought up. Your replies have been woefully inadequate on the subject and you seem surprisingly arrogant when any user brings it up. As if we're the bad guys insulting you with these questions. It's incredibly irritating to see software developers sell out like this. Do you get a cut from Ask everytime you include them in the installer for your software? Why resort to this? You see how many threads people have started on this and everytime you dismiss it as something just optional and that we have no right to complain about it; we do have a right to complain about it. Try to rely on donations and your own income. It's not good practice to resort to tricks like having an option that says "I agree to the terms/conditions AND oh btw install Ask Toolbar"
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