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  1. Better to ask for the next version :D

    You said it! Wish we could download the newest beta, like some other

    programs allow. I didn't use Build Mode for a month, except on data,

    because of the 32k IFO padding issue. Turning off the feature wasn't

    an acceptable solution, so I didn't use Build Mode.

  2. All CDDA is 2352 bytes per sector.


    Maybe I just don't get where you're going with all this!


    I didn't understand how a 700 MiB CD can hold 80 minutes of CDDA,

    when it should only hold 69:20 (assuming 2352 bytes per frame). I

    knew that DVD sectors were 2048 bytes. I didn't know that the lead

    in wasn't included, so that was nice to know. DVDs apparently have

    the same 150 sector lead-in. Now the numbers add up.


    Your use of modulo (remainder) made it more clear. Thanks.

  3. Those MSF times are from the old CD days where 74mins = 640mb, 80 mins = 700mb etc...

    It's nothing to do with the length of a bit of video.

    Thanks, LUK. I knew it had nothing to do with the actual DVD length, but I

    should have guessed it was based on CD. Do you know how many frames

    are in a second of CD audio? I think 75. How does your program convert

    bytes to MSF, or is it based on something else? Regards

  4. Whether it's a good idea or not is decided by the user base.


    I really have to disagree with that statement. It might be true if users were paying for the program and customer service support. However, since this is freeware/donationware it is up to the programmer what his program will and will not do or display.


    And it's up to the users whether certain suggestions are good ideas or whether

    certain aspects of the program are good. They are entitled to their opinions,

    and LUK is entitled to his. Just because he gets the final word doesn't mean he

    is right and everyone else is wrong. He is right for himself. He is wrong if you

    disagree with him. There's nothing disrespectful about saying that.


    No one here forces anyone to use the program, and if users do not like the answer they get from the Boss they are free to use any other program out there.
    While we're on the topic of what no one is forced to do, no one is forcing LUK

    to develop the program all by himself. I'm sure there would be thousands of

    talented programmers willing to help if he would open-source the project. In

    fact, I'll go farther and state that certain "problems" which dominate thinking

    here would not exist if the previous incarnation of ImgBurn had been "open."

    That is not a complaint, merely a statement of fact/regret.


    I would also suggest that more respect be paid to answers that are received to requests and less complaining / justifying / whining when the answer isn't to the users liking would be in order here.


    I have no stake in this issue, since my burners all support full bit-setting on

    +R and +RW media. I have never had a compatibility problem. Nor am I in

    need of "justifying" anything or "whining" about anything. You seem to have

    a problem with anyone disagreeing to The Boss. So does blutach. It makes

    me sad to see this self-abnegation and denial of everyone else's views. The

    Boss can do what he wants. The fact that these threads get LOTS of interest

    (page views) should say something. But apparently, it doesn't. Alas.


    Being able to burn files and create ISOs makes it a de facto ripper.

    Horseshit. That's about the most stupid and ridiculous statement I've had the misfortune of reading. Is Nero a ripper? What about UltraISO? MusicMatch Jukebox? Do any of these programs remove Macrovision? What about ARccoSS? Doh! :doh:


    The word "ripping" applies to copying discs, whether they are protected or not.

    People "ripped" CDs when they had no protection at all. Removing protection

    and "ripping" are two different things. ImgBurn can rip "non css dvds." It's a

    ripper, whether or not you want it to be. Words have meanings. You can't say

    it's not a ripper, when it can create ISOs and burn files. It doesn't defeat any

    copy protection, but it can and does RIP discs. I stand by what I said. Nothing

    you have said in any way refutes what I said.


    Let me get this straight. You're saying that ImgBurn is a ripper but it won't read protected disks.
    I think you're getting the point. Creating ISOs and burning files makes it able

    to "rip" things. Ripping doesn't have anything to do with removing protection.

    They are separate issues. People tend to confuse them.


    This devious program also has the ability to grab unprotected files from any source and copy them where you like? Even Windows Explorer does that. Get a clue before you hurt yourself.


    Windows Explorer can't create ISOs or burn DVDs. So get a clue before you

    hurt yourself. You've given an analogy that doens't even hold up. I repeat.

    Nothing you have said in any way refutes what I said.

  6. @ calweycn you are so full shit

    Thank you! Are you trying to get a rise out of me, Agent Jill? If so,

    your attempt failed. Good job making yourself look bad. Everyone

    can test whether my posts are full of @#$. So, don't bother adding

    any substance. That would be above you. Your vocabulary is more

    full of $#!@ than anything else, apparently... EDIT.

  7. its not the program thats the problem its overburning ,you also run the chance of damaging the drive for what 100mb's :doh:

    Yeah, well, then LUK can just disable over-burning, since it's such a bad idea.

    How can it damage the drive in Test Mode? Nero CD/DVD Speed doesn't lock

    up the drive when I use it to test a disc's over-burning capacity. I'll continue

    over-burning. I've never experienced any damage to the drive. If I do, then

    I won't cry too hard about paying $40 for another. And I'll remember not to

    burn that much data in the future.


    Re: the "dangers" of over-burning. I've read up on the subject and tested a

    lot of things to see what's safe. I only had trouble when I tried burning huge

    images, in Test Mode, just to see where it would fail. I don't see how I could

    damage the drive. I learned that MCC 004 fails at 4633.8 MB and YUDEN T02

    fails at 4637.2 MB. I don't plan on burning that much. I would stay at or below

    99% of that, just to be safe. I hate compression. I either over-burn or use a

    dual layer disc, if something is too over 4482-4489 MB.

  8. Your drive hangs and that causes the program to hang, not the other way around.


    When the drive recovers, so will the program.

    Why can Nero CD/DVD Speed perform the same operation without hanging?

    I've left it running for an hour and ImgBurn wouldn't stop or close. It would

    respond to input, like opening menus, but the drive was locked, and nothing

    would make the program shut down. It does this even in Test Mode. Is there

    any way to recover from this, without a hard reboot?

  9. Overburning is a risk and there is no guarantee to overburn even the same MID disc to the same size, there are diffrences from batch to batch.


    I'm not having problems with the discs. They play fine. I tested the last chapters in

    a picky machine. They have played perfectly up to 4600 MB. The problem's when I

    test the over-burn capacity of a disc. It will lock up the program if you burn too far,

    even in Test Mode. It just hangs on finalizing the disc. There was no way to unlock,

    except a hard reboot (after closing programs and saving data).


    Be extremely careful with overburning DVD-Video discs because servos of standalone players are often much more picky than those in computer drives. Perfect quality 4600+ MB burns may not play at the end at all. It's different from player to player, but I usually experienced playback issues above 4560 MB.


    I always burn at 4x or less, esp for over-burning. I would never burn anything over

    8x, because the quality isn't that good. I've tested over-burned discs in two players

    and the end plays fine. Most of my burns are under 4560 MB. Only a few have been

    over that. They play OK, so that doesn't worry me. I would like to know how to get

    the program to shut down properly if over-burning a DVD fails.

  10. Can I pose the question that if he thought it was a good idea, he'd implement it?


    Therefore, logic dictates that he thinks it's either a shithouse idea, a crummy idea, an indifferent idea but not a good one!

    Whether it's a good idea or not is decided by the user base. The program

    warns you about other things, like when you try to burn a DVD video with

    the wrong settings. Why not warn you if the drive is not set for DVD-ROM

    book type? He doesn't have to do the work of fixing the settings, but just

    a warning in the log, or a pop-up telling you it's best to use the DVD-ROM

    book type. Afterall, LUK has frequently told people to use DVD-ROM book

    type when they were experiencing problems. If the program told them, it

    would save some time in answering support questions.

  11. I'd buy a Pioneer. It does the bitsetting automagically.

    Last time I checked, Pioneer couldn't bit-set DVD+R or DVD+RW single layer.

    I don't see why DVD makers don't get with the program. All drives should do

    bit-setting all the time. Anything less is just lame. Why would someone make

    (or buy) a drive that can't do bit-setting (Pioneer), or that will forget to do it

    after every reboot (LG)? NEC and BenQ do not have this annoying behavior,

    so they will continue to get my business. Any drive that doesn't support full

    bit-setting with official firmware is less than worthless.

  12. I appreciate being able to over-burn discs slightly (100 MB or so). But if you go

    too high, ImgBurn (and DVDD) will lock up and refuse to shut down. Even when

    using Test Mode, this happens. They can't be terminated even through the Task

    Manager. This should be fixed. We need to be able to force the program to stop

    when over-burning fails, not lock up itself and the drive.


    It would also be nice to have an option to test the discs for over-burn capacity.

    Nero's CD/DVD Speed isn't accurate. It's off by 25-36 MB (14-20%) in what it

    predicts the additional capacity. I've burned 4600 MB without problems. It'll go

    as far as 4633-4637 MB, based on my tests, but 4630 is probably the limit for

    safety. Good media is essential, e.g. MCC 004 or Yuden T02.

  13. basically its the same burn engine with improvements.

    suspect more a case of a duff disc, or a dirty disc.

    I have also noticed consistently higher error rates with ImgBurn (all versions) than

    DVDD. I'm using YUDEN-T02, MCC 004, RITEK G04, and MKM 001, burned by NEC

    3540 and BenQ 1640. Newest firmware in each. I burn everything at 2-4x. Despite

    claims to the contrary, I've found there's a difference between the two programs.

    ImgBurn doesn't burn as well and discs are more likely to have skipping, freezing,

    or pixellation in picky machines.


    The errors are only a bit higher, like 1/3 to 1/2, but the playback is worse than the

    relative increase would indicate. I have seen everyone deny this repeatedly, but I

    have burned dozens of images with media from the same spindle and the pattern

    is undeniable. Nothing can be faulted in my media, drives, or burning methods. By

    the way, the reason I burn at 2-4x is because that minimizes the problems, but I

    still use DVDD for burning as much as possible. It's far better, IMO.


    ImgBurn would be great, if it weren't for all the bugs and inconsistencies.


    EDIT - shortened, corrected

  14. You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows using the original setup cd-rom.

    Select 'r' at the first screen.


    Now Ive tried this but the cd wont boot up and goes back to the message above. Ive tried pressing f8 and f10 on boot up but again goes back to the message above. Im stuck with what to do next

    Try hitting Escape while your computer is booting up. That should bring up a menu

    to select the boot device from. Choose the drive your Windows CD is in. Does that

    allow you to boot the CD? {EDIT}

  15. It's LUK!'s program. It's his to do with what he wants. He's written every line of code in it and you are getting his expertise and incredibly hard work for free.


    I'm not asking for his expertise or hard work. That's his choice to give.

    I have no trouble understanding that he wrote it. That's irrelevant, tho

    you seem to use this justification every chance you get.


    And you have the gall to sit there and order people around and tell them what you want and hold your breath and stamp your feet if you don't get it.
    I'm having trouble seeing where I have "ordered" him to do anything,

    or said I would "hold my breath and stamp my feet" if he didn't do it.

    Perhaps you can quote the relevant lines where I made such orders,

    threats, or ultimatums. If not, kindly omit such junk from your posts.

    You aren't fooling anybody. Have some decency.


    Your behaviour here is as unbelievable as it is reprehensible and childish. Normally, when I encounter this behaviour I tell the offender to go to his room.


    Your responses are as empty and distorted as they are insubstantial.

    That's what happens when you completely ignore what I say and go

    off on a rant about what you imagined about me. Go back and read

    what I said. I am not doing anything childish. You can choose not to

    read or respond to me if you don't like me. I'd *prefer* that to this

    drivel you keep posting and attributing to me.


    Now, if this program does not suit your needs - fgs, go buy

    one that does (or get your mom to do so).

    Why not just respond to what I say in a charitable and rational way,

    or else leave it alone? Making up lies doesn't improve your standing.

    Look at yourself and stop judging your neighbor.


    But stop the complaining.


    Show me where I have complained. Like everything else, you are

    just distorting what I said and changing the meanings of words. To

    complain means "To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or

    resentment." Where have I expressed pain, dissatisfaction, or

    resentment? I made a suggestion. I asked for an explanation. I

    think what you mean is that you don't want anybody questioning

    LUK et al. It has nothing to do with complaining.


    You made a suggestion. It was answered by the author. Subject should be closed.


    Fine, the subject can be closed in your mind and LUK's. That's your

    choice. The answer was dismissive and trite. "With enough time &

    effort - I don't want to do it." You refuse to actually engage in civil

    or logical discussion. You attack anyone who goes against the grain

    here..You can believe what you want about me, but you clearly do

    not know anything about me. You don't even quote my messages.

    Just distort them with a lot of lies. Very unimpressive.

  16. The error does not occur when I make an ISO with ImgBurn directly.

    Then it is not something for this Forum. ImgBurn is clearly working as it should.


    No, it's not. LUK admitted that it was a problem and someone in another thread

    said that it would be fixed soon. It's a problem caused by ImgBurn's Build Mode

    messing up DL images created from hard drive files. The problem is caused by

    ImgBurn and introducing mastering errors.


    What AnyDVD (or D-Tools) reports is not our business or concern.
    If the images are not mastered correctly, then that is your problem or concern.

    It doesn't matter what program reports it. That's completely irrelevant. Either

    the images/discs are mastered correctly or they're not. I have found they are

    not mastered correctly when I create images from files on disk. That reduces

    my faith in the program and I'm sure others react the same. I will not use the

    program for creating dual layer discs until this issue is fixed. I think that is a

    valid position to take, unless you show my concerns are unfounded.


    As for invective, after so many repeated pleas to stay away from this crap,

    you need a good dressing down. My 12 year old wouldn't go on like you do.


    LUK specifically told me that this thread was on-topic. You are totally off-base,

    and off-topic. The software is buggy and I'm not going to apologize for saying

    that it is. It works great if you don't care about dual layer. I would prefer that

    my discs not have mastering errors reported. That's just me, though. I'm not

    "going on" about anything. I added some information and you attacked me in

    a totally off-topic and hostile manner. If I am off-base, why are my posts not

    deleted? Maybe your 12 year old has a problem thinking for himself. Maybe

    you're just using hyperbole to make your points.

  17. The no bit, spinner. EDIT

    Wrong again, Blutach. I don't understand where's the challenge in

    READING FILES from an ISO. Perhaps you can provide a superior

    explanation to "With enough time and effort, anything is possible."

    Are you up for that challenge, or will you just continue taking the

    easy way out by simply attacking people?


    Whinge whinge whinge.


    My, aren't you helpful? Don't bother adding any substance to the

    discussion. Just attack me and walk away. Is that what it takes

    to get your kicks? Does it compensate for your life? I don't care

    what LUK does. I suggest something that seems useful and easy

    to implement. I get a dismissive answer. Then I'm told that what

    I don't understand is "the no bit." Do you understand how wrong

    your condescending characterizations are?

  18. With enough time and effort, anything is possible.

    This isn't something I would do though.


    I don't see why it would take much time and effort
    Do you really figure if you prod enough it will happen?...


    No, I figure that LUK will just refuse to do anything I suggest, because he has

    a personal problem. I think his claims that it would be difficult to do are false.

    It would be no more difficult than reading the files on an ISO, which ImgBurn

    already does. If I prod enough, he may begin to think outside of the box he

    seems to be operating from or at least admit the reason he doesn't want to

    implement such a trivial and useful feature.


    What is it about the answer that LUK gave you that you do not understand?


    What about the answer that LUK gave me are you able to understand? Is it

    that difficult to READ FILES from an ISO? That's shocking. I wonder how on

    Earth programs like WinRAR and ISO Buster were able to reach this level of

    sophistication, when the author of a burning program sees it as a challenge.

    I understand that LUK doesn't want to do it for some reason. I think it would

    be as simple as plugging one piece of existing code into another. His answer

    didn't have enough substance for me to understand. EDIT

  19. ...despite repeated protestations in several threads from LUK! and others asking you not to talk about rippers on this forums for legal reasons, continues to debate the point...


    I'm not debating anything. I'm saying that the problem doesn't occur if I make an

    ISO from the disc with ImgBurn. I am trying to isolate what's causing the problem.

    LUK's theory doesn't explain why the problem happens one time and not another.


    Why the hell keeping asking about AnyDVD? What do we know about it (other than it is overpriced)? Go ask James or send an email to Slysoft. You paid for AnyDVD, bugger off and get support from their offical forum at CD Freaks, not here.
    $38 for life time upgrades is hardly overpriced. I haven't asked anything about

    AnyDVD. I provided information about how to reproduce a bug. AnyDVD doesn't

    report "incorrect mastering" when I use Imgburn to make an ISO directly. So, I

    think some other software might need to be considered. Asking AnyDVD would

    achieve nothing, since AnyDVD isn't producing the image.


    Same goes for DVDFab.


    I only mention the programs to show how I produced the error. The error does

    not occur when I make an ISO with ImgBurn directly. It occurs when I use it on

    files generated by other programs. If ImgBurn produces DL images that aren't

    mastered correctly, then it produces DL images that aren't mastered correctly.

    Flinging invective does nothing but discredit yourself. Regards?!?

  20. Nope, LUK wouldn't have tested reauthored files.


    LUK doesn't really need to because files are files where he is concerned.


    LUK is pretty sure it's just that one offset in the IFO the mucks things up.


    LUK only changes a handful of offsets in the IFO and so for programs to complain about authoring issues, it's gotta be one of those that's causing it.

    You could have stated your response without all the useless repetition of

    your initials. I've learned that AnyDVD doesn't complain if I make an ISO

    with ImgBurn directly. Why wouldn't the error happen there too? Maybe

    it's caused by an interaction with other programs. I use ..., Shrink, and

    PGC Edit for most of my back-ups. Thanks much.



  21. Just a quick test reading/writing to the same drive. Notice the cpu usage of ImgBurn? Not what I'd call a very demanding process.

    The demand on the I/O system is more the problem, I think. Perhaps this isn't

    an issue if you have SATA. Not everyone has a cutting edge system. It makes

    sense to allow people to limit the speed for ISO write just as you can limit the

    speed in other modes. Why not force you to burn everything at max speed, if

    that's LUK's philosophy? We seem to be going back to the all-or-nothing logic,

    common in other threads here. If that's the only answer people can offer, you

    might as well not even bother responding. I think customization has value and

    yes the option to do things slower has value. Whether you agree with that is

    irrelevant. What would it hurt to have the option?

  22. wasent so long ago that you could only write at 4x max , and you had to stop any AV prog running, dont open any other apps at the same time ect ect .


    NOW i can build an ISO at

    I 22:56:53 Average Write Rate: 10,345 KB/s (69.0x) - Maximum Write Rate: 18,463 KB/s (123.1x)

    AND browse and have Word open at the same time and run AV :o

    I don't have any problem browsing or editing documents or even watching

    a movie while it writes, but it not go over about 20x average and 60x max.

    Multi-tasking certain applications creates a lot of slow down.

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