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  1. I don't see why checking for updates is a problem, are you on dial up maybe ? I prefer ImgBurn to do it everytime it starts up, then like corny said I know I always have the latest version :)

    I would prefer it check less often, for privacy mainly. Call me paranoid, but I'd

    rather LUK not know what days my IP address runs his software. I leave update

    check turned off most of the time, and check free-codecs to see if any software

    has been updated (ImgBurn, PGC Edit, AnyDVD, DVDFab...).


    EDIT: spelling/grammar

  2. Hi :)


    You might want to check out this post here:


    Thanks, I hadn't seen that yet, but I saw blutarch's article which doesn't really sound like

    the same problem. PGC Edit doesn't report any problem with the image when I mount it

    in Daemon-Tools. It may just be AnyDVD that sees a problem. Or the DVDs might be off

    spec somehow. I haven't been able to find much about the error message. The images

    play OK, but I don't want to risk burning until this is fixed.


    If it helps, I made the files with DVD Shrink, Re-Author Mode. Then I created an image

    with IB2 build mode. I'm sure LUK would have tested re-authored files. This may apply

    to all dual layer images. It doesn't seem to be a critical problem, but I haven't tested it

    with any stand-alone players. Hopefully it's minor and can be fixed.

  3. I have tried using ImgBurn to create a dual layer image with seamless layer break.

    Every time I mount the image in Daemon-Tools, AnyDVD says "This Video-DVD is

    mastered incorrectly. AnyDVD will be deactivated for this DVD."


    EDIT: This problem happens even if I leave the seamless option unchecked.


    I've never had this error before and have been using seamless layer breaks in the

    past through PGC Edit and just burning DVD Shrink Images. (They play fine in my

    stand-alone machines.) Any ideas what might be wrong here?


    SuperBit and many Criterion DVDs have seamless layer break, which proves that

    players can handle it. I've never seen AnyDVD report this problem with Criterion

    or SuperBit DVD titles, so this isn't normal. Something is broken.

  4. you dont say what OS you're using but if its xp you might consider converting to NTFS and it wont be an issue.You can also remove and re install Shrink and see if that helps

    I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2. I've always had this problem with Shrink not being able

    to recognize 3.99 GB files on FAT32. I have found NTFS to be unreliable, in that several

    drives have had lost data or corrupted files. This has occurred often enough to be noted

    as a definite pattern. The FAT32 drives have never lost data.


    I use NTFS for my system partition and another drive, but I have found FAT32 to be a

    more reliable bet. Files on NTFS become corrupted at random, in my experience. Many

    people don't notice this, but I suggest quickly running through all of your MP3 files or

    viewing all of your photos. You may find that 1% are garbage.


    Microsoft can't do much of anything right, as I'm sure many of you know. Their new NT

    file system just introduces a lot of new problems, IMO. I use an UPS, antivirus, firewall,

    and other safeguards. Still, I have lost NTFS data repeatedly.

  5. If everything else can use the images ok I would think it's DVD Shrinks problem.


    I guess its image loading code just can't cope or has a bug in it.


    You'll have to stick with 2 GB as obviously that program isn't being updated now.


    Thanks, LUK. I'm still curious if others have seen this problem. There's no

    technical reason that Shrink shouldn't be able to read the files. FAT32 will

    allow file sizes up to 3.99 GB. Every other program can handle the image

    files. But it might be a configuration problem with my computer or Shrink.

    That's why I'm interested if others have this problem.


    If anyone has a link to something addressing this as a bug in Shrink. I'd

    like to see it. This scared me the first time, because I thought the HD was

    going bad. It's probably a limitation in Shrink's code. Afterall, Shrink uses

    1 GB file splitting when writing an ISO to FAT32 drives.

  6. I don't know if this is a problem with ImgBurn, Shrink, or my PC. When I create ISOs split to

    3.99 GB on FAT32 drive, Shrink can't open or analyze the MDS file. "DVD Shrink encountered

    an error and cannot continue. Failed to open file XXXXX.I00."


    The image can be mounted with Daemon-Tools and played. I can analyze the mounted image

    with Shrink. It burns and plays fine. But the image can't be loaded in Shrink. Has anyone else

    had this problem? Any solutions?


    I found that using 2 GB splitting or smaller on FAT32 will fix it, but I prefer to I use 3.99 GB.

    I asked LUK about this a while ago and he said it should work. I used to have this problem

    with DVDD as well. I had to use 2 GB file splitting on FAT32 drives.

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