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  1. I'm a long time ImgBurn user and I use only Verbatim discs. Seeing how inexpensive these RiDATA discs where on newegg I decided to give it a try, but your right, you get what you pay for.


    However, when you say only Verbatim, +R, 2.4x MKM-001-00 is recommended, what about Verbatim 8x +R DL?

  2. I just bought a pack of RiDATA DVD+R DL (RITEK-S04-66) 25 count. I am also getting "Failed to Write Sectors" errors on my Plextor 760A (1.07). I noticed these discs work with only newer drives like my Samsung 202N (burned at 8x). My BenQ 1655 can only burn these 8x discs at 2.4x. BenQ's latest firmware doesn't even support this disc.

  3. But it can set to burn all four queued files at the same time to all four burners?


    My system Specs:


    Intel P4 3.2 GHZ 800 FSB

    200 GB S/ATA HDD

    1GB RAM

    4 Pioneer Burners


    Edit: im in the dvd business and need other software like nero to burn simultaneously.

    btw i already know about dvd duplicators.



    Your setup will not work, not even with Nero. First off, you only have a single hdd. Second it's likely that 2 of your Pioneer burners are on the same IDE channel, just that alone will conflict already.


    In order to burn 2 simulataneous copies at the same time you will need either 1) RAID0 or 2) Two seperate hdd. There is no way one hdd will support burning for 2 drives without buffer underrun problems, let alone 4.

  4. Yes, you will need RAID0 or 2 seperate hdd with one image on each drive. Burning 2 images off a single drive to 2 burners will result in constant buffer problems because a single drive's random read speed is not fast enough to support 2 burners. Also keep in mind that it will not work with partitioned drives because technically it's still one drive. Make sure your burners are on different IDE channels as well.

  5. Well you gotta admit its not a bad idea :lol:


    It's a inconvenient idea. Drive manufacturers should have all their bitsetting stuff configured ready for the consumer to use. How would you like it if you had to set your RGB everytime you turned on your TV? Software shouldn't have to ask you how would you like your bitsetting everytime you burn, thats just damn annoying. I own many Plextors and recently adopted BenQ, both are great drives and supported under ImgBurn.


    Plextor recently started shaping up with their 755 & 760 series (their 712 series was a disaster) and BenQ has been a very solid all around drive. If you looking for a new burner get the BenQ, it's around $42 w/ shipping

  6. I've read Burning DVD Video files directly to double layer media with ImgBurn guide and it had no information about seamless. I did a search (for title) on seamless and nothing came up. I have a faint impression about what the seamless option does so correct me if I'm wrong.


    Does seamless make the layer break not noticable when it jumps to the 2nd layer? Therefore it's called seamless?


    Will checking this option make my disc seamless, because I've read a few thread about people seeing artifacts when it gets to the layer break when they set it to seamless.

  7. How fast where you burning and where both burns on the same drive? You generally can burn 2 DVDR @ 4x on the same drive because your drive's read speed can keep up with your 2 burners. However, if your burning anything over 4x on the SAME drive then you'll encouter buffer problems because your drive cannot keep up with the data demand from 2 burners.


    If you want to burn 2 instances and sometimes 3 (like I do) you have to burn from two seperate drives (partition will not work cuz it's still the same drive) OR burn from a RAID0 drive. I have absolutely no problem burning two ISOs on my 74GB Raptors in RAID0 @ 18x (using two PX-760A), however on my 500GB Hitachi drive, the buffers will keep emptying and filling when I try to burn 2 ISO simply because the drive cannot keep up.

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