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  1. I'm sorry to say, but you are full of it and you have been for a long time now, no disrespect to you, but as I said, you'd be better of to call it quits as far is development rather then throwing absolutely empty useless words.
  2. I cannot believe my eyes. For years now you actually talk and respond to people like you mean it and thinking people are idiots, what is wrong with you, are you for real? Instead of telling people and be honest that you done further development, you making yourself look and sound absolutely terrible and I am been polite. Whatever left respect I had for you Is absolutely gone, your word is absolutely worthless, you have no shame.
  3. “ImgBurn recognizes the directory structure as a Blu-Ray” Use build mode to create ISO (UDF 2.50) and then write Image to disc. Any DVD±RW is rewritable media, whether you close the session or not you can erase it over again and reuse it for your next project.
  4. I know that this is probably in the wrong section I have spend enough money in the past on shareware that I don't even use, so it's only fair that small donation for U outstanding burning utility is made. From the bottom of my hart Thank you
  5. Amazing how quickly you have fixed the glitches Big, Big Thank you
  6. Taking about weird, on my dv7 laptop I had and I’ve installed no extra icons on desktop. I also use DeepFreeze and didn’t want to reboot it my PC or it would revert everything back to stage where was installed. Now I don’t remember if I rebooted after upgrade and then seen extra icons on my other OS, if not then this beets me, now I fell a I'm Sorry
  7. I’ve used the new installer and tried to upgrade from to on 1 of my Win 7 OS and it does fixes the extra icons issue
  8. I’ve been using standard mode for a while now and i like it the way was working in I’m back to that version, works nice.
  9. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=16575
  10. 4 Win 7 OS it does happening Found it at Filehippo and it works fine. Thanks anyways.
  11. Is this something that can be corrected in near future? Thank you
  12. I don’t keep backups of ImgBurn, does anyone have privies version on their HHD to share, or is there a link to that version so I could download and stick with it until next release or whenever. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=16575 Thank you
  13. Yes just tested on Win 7 x64 and its correct about 1 file missing. Thank-you
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