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  1. I've got another question (I think that there is no need to create a new topic) . About the layer break on the DVD... Is the layer break info different if I create a ISO (with the MDS file)? or is it exacly the same from the option to copy from the HDD files? This question is just my 1st post question but I'm always reading in different foruns and topics that you should create an ISO with the MDS file to have exacly the same LB info from the original disc. Should I? regards.
  2. I saw that test too. But i resolve to give it a try . I've tested diferent brand of +R DL media and my DVD player can read all of them. But the best ones are definitely the Verbatim media. I can record them up to 6x. Bitsetting is also enabled to improve compatibility.
  3. Thank you guys for the infos! I really understand it now! Well just to tell you that I tried to record a -R DL media. The burn was successful. Then I tried to play it on my DVD player... it can only read the 1st layer. I will just stay with the +R DL media, they are cheaper and my player reads them all without any problem. Regards.
  4. OK thanks LUK. So what's the main advantage of having that option? What's the option for?
  5. Just one more question... Should I tick the option "Use Layer Jump Recording (-R DL)" under menu "Tools -> Settings -> Write tab" when trying to record -R DL media?
  6. Ohhh I see! I'll give it a try anyway just to see what happeans! But from now on I will only buy +R media! Thanks for the info!
  7. Hello. I just bought one Verbatim DVD-R DL media to try it. I was looking into the Guides section and I see this statment: Why it's not recommended? Problems with the Burn? Problems with the layer transition problem? Or...? Regards.
  8. Hello. Congratulations to LUK for this excellent program! I was reading the forum (including FAQs and Guides ) and I was wondering what's the best way to record DL media. Create an ISO and then record or record directly from HDD files? Regards.
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