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  1. Update: The solution seems (so far) to be that when finished using the external Writer drive, to do the following, strictly in this order: i) Open external Writer's tray. ii) Remove the disc. iii) Disconnect the USB data cable connecting the external Writer to the computer. iv) Close the external Writer's tray. In other words, do NOT close the external Writer's tray until you have First disconnected its data cable from the computer. Regards, Robert333
  2. Hello, Thanks for your response Lighting UK!. Sorry for the delay in replying. I'm not sure what you specifically mean by "pull the plug", but assume this means unplug the data cable between the laptop / notebook and the external USB optical writer (which as mentioned, is what I am using since the internal optical writer is unavailable). I believe I did that in the past, and recall an I/O error message appearing. When the "locking" message persists, there is no choice but to reboot the computer and try again (try the burn again). Regards, Robert333
  3. Thanks for your response. The message "Locking drive for exclusive access", is from ImgBurn not Windows (mention of the message does not seem to be a log-able item for the relevant ImgBurn log). Do you mean that ImgBurn needs to have Windows "lock" (whatever that means) the USB optical writer drive for ImgBurn, and that Windows is taking time to action this? The USB optical writer drive is plugged into the computer as soon as Windows has fully loaded, so I don't understand what 'handles' could be generated to access it so quickly. The antivirus is disabled for using ImgBurn; so there "should be" no function other than ImgBurn trying to access the external device. As for the speed of the operating system, the processor is a i7, and the computer has 16GB of RAM. You suggest unplugging and re-plugging the external device, but is not that likely to cause an I/O error. The locking message only appears once I have already initiated a Burn with ImgBurn. Regards, Robert333
  4. Hello, When burning to a DVD +R on a USB-connected Samsung "Portable BD Writer Model SE-506", from an ISO image backup of files and folders, the following delay often but not always, occurs: "Locking drive for exclusive access". I am using a PC "Lenovo G40" notebook with Windows 8.1, and have Avast free antivirus which I disable prior to using Imgburn Sometimes the above delay is significant so that then I have to restart the computer to try again. I would like to find out if this delay is normal, and if not if it can be corrected or avoided. Regards, Robert333 PS: Why am I using an external image writer? The reason is that the computer's internal DVD writer is no longer recognized by the operating system. The computer received a slight knock, which I believe resulted in the data cable becoming detached that connected the internal device to the motherboard. ImgBurn(121).log
  5. Hello Fernicus, Although I realise you want to a solution for burning your image to a DVD and that you are working with the optical writer you currently have, if the Images with which you are working are likely to consistently have a size issue, then have you considered getting a Blu-ray writer? Blu-ray discs take about 25 GB of data, and Blu-ray writers can also burn and read DVD and CD. (However, you may find the range of backward compatibility is more limited; for example you may find a DVD writer can read more DVD format than a Blu-ray that also burns DVD (the Blu-ray writer might for example read/write DVD+R, but not DVD-R).) I am not suggesting replacing an internal optical drive (although that would be an option, but one more expensive and complicated), but rather I am suggesting you consider a USB-connected external Blu-ray optical drive. You could put the following search into Google: Reviews on USB Blu-ray optical drive Ensure it is latest USB compatible with your computer, and take a look at its specifications so you are sure it will also will burn to DVD and CD, and that it will also burn the formats of DVD disc that you also want to use. By the way, many such products come with burning software, like the Blu-ray writer that I bought some time ago now, but I opted to use ImgBurn and never installed the writing software that came with the device. The reason - I simply find ImgBurn works well. Instructions how to write a Blu-ray Video disc with ImgBurn are available here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/9512-how-to-write-a-blu-ray-video-disc-using-imgburn/ I hope this helps. Regards, Robert333
  6. Oops! - I didn't see the first line of your reply. Sorry! Please could you let me know why there has been no update nor upgrade, since 2013? (Normally, for most applications, they seem to need some form of amendment over that period of time.) Have you ceased developing this application? That would be sad, since it is very good! I look forward to your further reply and again sorry about my not noticing the first line of your previous reply where you had indeed answered my question. Kind regards, Robert333
  7. Thanks for replying. May I invite you to actually answer my question! Regards, Robert333
  8. Hello, I have an Asus Netbook running Windows 7 Starter, SP1 with Imgburn, and since this is a netbook am using a USB-connected external optical writer. I am posting this question because I am wondering why there would be no newer version of Imgburn as this one dates from 2013. Of course I have so far looked under the name "Imgburn". but if the application name has changed please let me know what would be the more up-to-date equivalent of what I currently have. (Although I do NOT want to put the following as a question to you right now, the reason why I am interested in installing an upgrade, is that, only randomly, I am getting an I/O error when ImgBurn carries out Verification of a burned disc. I always disable the Avast antivirus while carrying out Imgburn operations and there are no other security applications in memory that have similar functions to antivirus. I also ensure that there are no other connected USB-connected devices apart from the USB external optical writer.) Thanks. Regards, Robert333 P.S: You seem to want the Log in any event, but I see no indication of it being attached, having used the "Attach Files" option. Please let me know if you want the log pasted into this post, although the query is just about the version or name of the application.
  9. Hello Admin, Thanks for replying. Please could you consider adding such a capability to ImgBurn's repertoire. It is a useful function for backing up specific important limited areas of data, quickly and easily, to non-volatile media. Regards, Robert333.
  10. Hello, I would like to enquire if ImgBurn can make "Multisession" data discs. Now I need to explain what I mean by "Multisession" in case this term does not mean the same here as I have always understood it. By "Multisession" I refer to making a kind of backup to Re-Writable optical discs (whether CD-RW, DVD-RW, or BD-RE), where after making the first backup, you can reinsert the same disc and make a further backup which will add an additional track that only updates files changed since the previous backup session. When you read the disc it has the same files and folders but has updated only the changed files and folders, while making no changes to the unchanged files and folders. This saves space on each backup session, saves backup time, and avoids having to erase the disc and start afresh for each backup session. You only need to erase the disc once it has become full with subsequent backup session tracks. To be more technical in explanation here is an extract from a Nero manual which explains what I am looking for in "Multisession" data burning: - - - - Multisession CDs - Extract from Nero 6 User Guide: - - - - 7.3 Data CD (Multisession) 7.3.1 General If you want to create a data CD that consists of several sessions, we advise that you create a Multisession CD. Every complete write process with Nero on a CD, from inserting the CD you want to write to the CD being ejected, generates a session on the CD. A session in turn contains one or more tracks. All CDs with several sessions are 'Multisession CDs'. ... Multisession CD for linked files ... Instead of writing the unchanged data again with every session (i.e. every backup procedure), Nero only writes cross-references to a previous CD track which contains the unchanged file. Only the changed files are completely re-written. By activating the two checkboxes 'Replace files in compilation' and 'Add new files to compilation' in the 'Options' section you will ensure that this actually happens. ... when individual sessions are linked to one another there must be some way of ensuring that the tracks (which have a definite connection to an existing CD) are not written to another CD by mistake. ... For this reason Nero checks that the correct CD has been loaded for burning. If it hasn't, then the CD that has been loaded in error is ejected. - - - - End of Extract - - - - Can I create "Multisession" data discs (or whatever your term for this mode is) using ImgBurn? If so, how do I do this? I look forward to your comments. Regards, Robert333
  11. Hello Admin, Thanks for your really useful and informative explanation about the settings of which I was unsure. It must have been that particular disc then. (I have edited my 9.33 PM message of 17 November 2013, to refer to your message of yesterday.) Thanks for your help, and for the application. - - - - Edit: - - - Update: I have now been able to establish that the burner drive will not work with that particular BD-RE disc with which I had the original issue. It does work with the others in this pack of BD-RE discs that I have tried, so far. - - - - End of Edit - - - - Regards, Robert333
  12. Hello Admin, Many thanks for your response. I did use a different disc of the same type for the successful burn, and after completing, I did a full erase of that first empty disc that I had tried to use, in order that it can be re-used on another occasion. Therefore I hope that what you have now told me is not that that BD-RE disc is defective. However, your reply leaves me with some queries which I hope you will be willing to answer, as you do not have any Guides for using ImgBurn for creating "data" discs with BD-R and BD-RE discs. Are you saying that the default settings in the 'Options' tab will allow the successful burning of data (i.e. not creating a video disc) to BD-R and BD-RE discs? In your Guide for burning Video BD discs, the settings within the 'Options' tab that you recommend are indeed different from the default settings. Please could you therefore confirm that the following three default settings in the 'Options' tab are appropriate for burning a successful data BD-R or BD-RE disc, and if, so why does your Guide for burning Video BD-R and BD-RE discs recommend different settings? 'Options' tab default settings: 'Data Type:' "MODE1/2048". 'File System:' "ISO9660 + UDF". 'UDF Revision:' "1.02". Also please, if as you say the difficulty I encountered was nothing to do with settings (and even if it had, it is really down to me to put in the correct settings of course), are you certain that the machine would be able to burn successfully if I had left the Speed setting in ImgBurn at "2.4", when the maximum speed for both drive and discs is "2X"? When I encountered the difficulty, I did have the speed setting at "2.4". I look forward to hearing from you so that I can better understand how to use ImgBurn with these discs. Thank you. Regards, Robert333.
  13. Hello, - - - - Edit: - - - - My message (below) has since been superseded by "Admin's" very helpful explanation of 19 November 2013, 09.01 AM. - - - - End of Edit - - - - This query has now been resolved. I did not appreciate that the default settings must be changed for use with Blu-Ray discs. I was unsure how to interpret the ImgBurn Guide for Blu-Ray discs because it refers to Video and I wished to burn normal files and folders to disc (Data disc). For anyone else who wishes to know how to burn files and folders to a BD-R (Writeable Blu-Ray disc), or BD-RE (Re-Writeable Blu-Ray disc), the following are the settings that I changed, in order to successfully burn data to a BD-RE disc. (The same settings should apply for a BD-R disc but the speed setting will likely need to be set higher than for BD-RE discs.) Follow the instructions in the ImgBurn Guide called: "How to write a Blu-ray Video disc using ImgBurn" (http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/9512-how-to-write-a-blu-ray-video-disc-using-imgburn/), but with the following exceptions: You are making a Data disc and not a Video disc, and so you do NOT need to create the two folders to which reference is made in the Guide (BDAV / BDMV folder and the CERTIFICATE folder). In the 'Device' tab: 'Write Speed:' Ensure this is set to not more than the maximum supported speed. For example, in my case, the maximum speed specified for both my external Blu-Ray drive and the Verbatim BD-RE discs is: "2X". I therefore changed this setting to "2X" (instead of the default of "2.4X"). (For BD-R discs the maximum speed will likely be higher.) In the 'Options' tab: These settings should be set as shown in the Guide at Step 4, but with the option of also Checking the following: As I was burning a Data disc rather than a Video disc, in addition to the settings shown in the Guide, for this tab, I also here CHecked: "Include Hidden Files". "Include System Files". Regards, Robert333.
  14. Hello, I have an Asus netbook running Windows 7 Starter SP1, a Samsung model SE-506BB/TSBD external USB-connected Blu-Ray Writer drive, using Verbatim BD-RE discs, with ImgBurn I have tried unsuccessfully to use ImgBurn to burn data from the hard drive of my netbook to a BD-RE disc on my external Blu-Ray Writer drive. I used the ImgBurn "Write files/folders to disc" option. I dragged and dropped the folders into the ImgBurn drop-spot. ImgBurn formatted the Blu-Ray disc. It then spent over 5 hours going through a burn process (during which it displayed the names of the folders and files it was apparently processing). At the verification the drive tray opened and I closed it manually, so that verification could proceed. Verification failed quite simply because there was nothing burned to the disc. I checked this in Windows Explorer. I also removed the Blu-Ray disc from the drive and re-inserted it and checked again. There is nothing on the disc. Please could you explain how I can successfully use ImgBurn to burn data to BD_RE disc. I have tried twice now to paste into this message the ImgBurn log and on each occasion I try to paste it, this web page has crashed. I cannot attach it as your webpage returns an error saying the log is too large. Therefore please use the following link to view or download the ImgBurn log: http://www.mediafire.com/?11u61qa42jq805t I hope to hear from you with a solution to this problem. Please let me know how I can use ImgBurn to successfully burn data to Blu-Ray BD-RE discs. Regards, Robert333
  15. Hello, I have worked out how to do this. It is necessary to drag and drop the exe file to the "Drop Spot" (and not do File > Browse for a destination file). Regards, Robert333
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