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  1. Fair! Keep up the great work, LUK!
  2. Not sure if already suggested, so here we go: It would be great if ImgBurn supported dumping (RAW) original Wii disks (backup purposes, of course!). We know that we need a specific model of DVD reader (LG 8163B, for instance) for that. I'd rather using ImgBurn for that instead of the crappyware (raw dumpers) available. So what would LUK! say? Doable? Regards, bootsector
  3. Terry, why not donate this 100 bucks to LUK! and hope for the best?
  4. Oh, never mind then! Nice job mmalves!
  5. Hi LUK! Sent you and email regarding ImgBurn translation. I can translate base lang file to Brazilian Portuguese. Sent you an email, please, check that out Thanks!
  6. Great! Thanks for explaining, LUK! Best regards, bootsector
  7. Hi LUK! After reading your post, I just got a couple of doubts: :. Is ImgBurn able to burn those RAW CD image files (.bin/.cue) generated by ISOBuster? :. In case of a positive answer to the question above, is it too much complicated to implement a RAW .bin/.cue file image output in Read mode (so it could be written back using ImgBurn itself)? Keep up the great work! Best regards, bootsector
  8. "Thank You" only doesn't pay bills as well! If you like ImgBurn, please, consider donaating a couple of bucks to LUK! BTW, great job with ImgBurn 2.2, LUK! Best regards, bootsector
  9. Sygate Personal Firewall: FREE and lightweight! http://www.oldversion.com/download.php?idl...c0e3f1a6a8e5367 This is the latest freeware version! Great piece of software Regards, bootsector
  10. Why I use ImgBurn instead of Nero or any other burning program: :. ImgBurn is not bloatware :. ImgBurn does everything I want and does it simply and efficiently :. I am a huge fan of LUK! :. ImgBurn support is the #1, thanks to LUK! and all fellows here in this message board :. ImgBurn is FREEWARE! (Anyway, I really recommend you to donate a couple of bucks, so LUK! can always improve it!) Best regards, bootsector
  11. And by the way, of course, Gutossn is a brazilian guy, just like me! That place is 99% dominated by brazilians (that's the only good part of the history) Best regards, bootsector
  12. Dammit! Folks, don't you EVER join Orkut if you are in sane conditions! This website is dangerous and it will turn you into a vegetable which only hability is to read 'scraps' all day long. And if for any reason you can't access Orkut, you will have depressive attacks and maybe convulsions and/or strokes! I have commited "Orkuticide" a few years ago! Now I have my life back! You have been warned!
  13. Thanks for the avatar disabling tip, folks! As for being at a forum which is "unrelated" with my job, I already have my excuse: I just tell my boss I am evaluating a VERY GOOD software for CD/DVD backups See ya folks!
  14. I have problems with Kev's avatar here at job
  15. Thank you! It really looks promising!
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