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  1. The project it's DEAD ? No more updates for one years.............
  2. Because it's not added to Official Download section ?
  3. Hi boys... sometime when i try to burn an audio CD from mp3 file i obtain a CORRUPTED CD!! After burn it's complete if i try to listen the FIRST song it's cutted about 10 seconds at beginning and the second track begin at about 10 seconds on first track!! Sometime i need only to reburn the same .cue file and sometime, after complete burning, the cd working without problems but i need to obtain 3 o 4 corrupter AUDIO CD before to obtain a correct audio cd! Because ?!!? It's a bug ? I have try to burn (at same speed 16x) this same .cue with other programs and it's no a problems...... *EDIT* I have burned 5 minutes ago a CD and i obtain a corrupter CD..... but i don't have save the log... how i can reobtain that ?
  4. Ok but's it's no the same result..... i don't want to create a image but i want to burn the file after i have created a buring queued. It's difficult for me explain how i can suggest I can try... i want to use this: After i have add some file here: Currently it's only possibly to burn an empty CD or DVD.... it's a good idea to add a function to add a project on write queued and select to burn all project later without make all image file...... but currently it's no feature similar and it's only possibly to create a project burning etc. etc.
  5. Not true... look here: In write file/Folder this option it's masked...
  6. In version i have noticed this function in some parts of the programs.. for example there is present in "Create Image From Disc". it's possible to add a similar function in the section "Write Files/Folder to disc" ?? I Thinks it's very usefull function........
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