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  1. Well that took some doing. I had to look into the manual to interpret what ISO UDF and Joliet were. I ended up selecting build and then advanced and then changing the ISO to x 219 character file names and changed Joliet to 64 character file names and also selecting the file system using all three. I never did find a way to select Joliet only. I do think the change to ISO9660 was what fixed it. I have a new question if anyone wants to answer it. Why isn't there an option to write MP3 that makes these changes or any change that is necessary for a successful write? It sure isn't intuitive to make these changes but other burning products don't seem to have this issue. I will say that this product has much more information and works better than most other ones. If no one answers, I can understand.
  2. Lighting UK: The files all have the same name but with an 01 thru 10 after the name. The files are created using a splitting program that reads the initial input (one large file) and writes out 10 files (from the input) with the sequence number at the end of the name.
  3. I am sorry Rincewind but that is how you do mp3 files. See the guide for building audio Cds and it says 'If you want to burn MP3 files for playback in an MP3 ready CD player, just add the files in Build mode and ignore this guide.' I don't see any other option for creating mp3 files. Please correct me if there is another option.
  4. Here is the Log file. I am not sure what build mode is. Here is how I used the program. I installed it, clicked write files/folders to disc, dragged the files I wanted to Imgburn screen. Clicked write. Okay? ImgBurn.log
  5. I wrote 10 files to a CD RW. When I try to play them on a CD player, they do not play in sequence. I have verified that the CD player is not set to random or anything else. I thought that maybe I changed a setting so I reset all the defaults back to original. I have found that the write is exactly the same no matter what I do. In other words, I can start all over again and use a new CD and the play back is always in the same (but wrong) order, not a random order but exactly the same. I also have looked at the CD with file manager and the files are displayed in the correct order. This has happened with 7 different sets of data (10 files each time) and 7 different CD RW and 3 different brands of CD RW and the same thing happens. If it makes a difference, the CD writer is an external USB connected from ASUS. My internal unit doesn't write very well, a hard ware problem not software. I have written correctly with Ashampoo software but I prefer yours. I didn't include the log file as I can't see what that would do.
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