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  1. I have imgburn running in Wine with 7.04 and no problems burning although I just downloaded it and installed it yesterday. (I had tried it over a year ago in Wine but did not install correctly) Today it took a while to get it to detect my device, but it does now. One of the features I do like is the ability to change booktype. This was error ed out on me several times, until I changed the setting to ASPI instead of the Microsoft SPTI setting. This worked to allow me to change the booktype where before I go an error no sense information detected. Just thought I would post this in case anyone was having troubles with the booktype feature in Ubuntu.
  2. Yes that is true. XP has a hard time seeing ram over a gig.
  3. What I have is an an hour long show that I want to capture or extract small segments of an actor to upload for their web site. Maybe about three to four 30 second spots. I am having troubles with the programs that I have been trying. Media player classic works the best for playback but the capture mode is grayed out. VLC does not allow smooth playback. Arcsoft Showbiz seems to allow me most options however the only format for saving a project is in the .sbz format only known to the showbiz program. Figured out how to save the .sbz, seems many had troubles with the GUI as it only gave the .sbz option available to save as, google had a host of forums with this problem listed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and I guess the only way for me to have flawless playback is to get a video pci card. TIA
  4. yeah I sure wish I had that one over what I have which is the first one, but hey I got it two years ago and it has been used little, I am not replacing it although I like the movie on the second one, really sounds like the way to go! Good luck on your shopping! I did not realize you posted the same model, must be worth looking at, I love the quality of the JVC I have, so I am sure with the 20 gig hard drive that this would be a real nice one. I had purchased the Sony but returned it as I thought it was big and was not happy with the results compared with the JVC.
  5. I got a JVC a couple of years back, this one http://www.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MOD...d=26&page=1 Good quality video, size is great, much better than the Super eight Sony..... however I WOULD GET ONE THAT HAS A HARD DRIVE. This one looks good, check out the video at Best Buy. http://snipurl.com/13hxi This is the link to the video, almost makes you want to be like Mrs. Jergonson. mms://media1.jvc.com/everio/EverioOnBoard21.wmv
  6. My biggest problem with Nero is it's graphic heavy interface done in flash. I have had more troubles opening and closing the program, bothersome to say the least!
  7. Spinner's first ex serves as a constant reminder to never get egg in your face!
  8. Trying to keep abreast of things.
  9. I do not know how to read all the graphics that are put up for different media and different tests, for example the link supplied by ifcrule1972. Is there any way in these media reviews that the important things can be highlighted and discussed? TIA
  10. L-EC Uncorrectable Error Does this error have to due with a bad disc or is it encryption? TIA
  11. Don't you guys think you have milked this topic for all it is worth!
  12. I honestly think I am going to love this little toy! I have to pick up q 4pin to 4pin cable but I got really good results from the camcorder via the camcorder to rca cable. Back a while ago I picked up two firewire cards and stuck them in my pc along with the wife's. I have very little patience especially at the computer and since video has to be transferred in real time, it is just something I do not care to tie up my pc for. The programs I used were Sonic, Vanilla Baby, Show Biz, and Windows Movie maker. All of these programs would either hang, crash etc. I also had Picture the default Sony bundled software. Both PC's have a 2.53 processor with plenty of ram but the onboard graphics card sucks but I do not do any gaming. The possible reasons with WMM was I did not have service pack two back then. Whatever reason may have caused all these programs to hang/crash was enough for me to throw in the towel as I did not have the time to play around with it. If for nothing else than to transfer camcorder video, this was worthwhile. Sure beats using the pc, at least I can get it to DVD and then edit in a much easier transfer method. Last night in Vista, WMP 11, hard issues crashed my graphics (when trying to play a DVD from the Lite-on home recorder) but a re-boot straightened that out. PS. I was surprised to see that Verbatim's were not on the list of recommended discs, the include list was huge including Imation but Verbatim was not there for any of the types of media.
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