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  1. also the ability to handle the ilvu/multi-angle titles is greatly improved w/ pro but probably as hd dvd's become available the filters and numerous add-ons will be the key to keeping up!


    the pro-version is well worth the money but if you have never used it you'll never know what you are missing!


    imo quenc is terrible as I had some bad headaches come from it's use and one 12 hr encode time I discontinued use right quick like!

    hc is awesome!


    blu have you ever tried the rb-loader reading about it and wondering if it is affective no need right now but I think there should be a pact made to create the ultimate one-click!!!

  2. well it's right around an hour and yes I'm using cce opv w/ no filtering to get it but it is possible and I was a die-hard dynamic duo (dvdd&dvds) fan for the longest so the qualityis still quite impressive

    w/ the new dual core p.c.'s I have been reading even faster times


    oh yeah j-dobbs has donated three vip memberships to the membership drive at dvd hounds so if you know any one who want's to give it a go you might send them over

    It is especially good on low bitrate stuff, where any transcoder falters badly. So, my advice is to get it. Use it first with HCEnc (free, but similar quality to CCE). Then, if you like what you see, go to the top encoders.

    remembering that hc although is great quality just a little slower than cce but you can't beat free!

  3. Hey l8night,


    I assume that you use DVD Rebuilder quite a bit. So far, 200+ burns I've always used just DVDD and DVDS. These two progs make a beautiful pair. Not one coaster yet (knock on wood). I researched a little bit on DVD Rebuilder. Afterdawn claims that DVD Rebuilder delivers the best re-encoding available. It also mentioned that it takes a few HOURS to re-encode. Is that true? I mean, my God, that's a big difference compared to DVDS. Is the better quality really worth the few hour wait time?



    @ ksn I haven't the need to use shrink in quite some time, I notice the difference even on my old t.v. just 27 in. but it's a good idea to start now as most t.v.'s are going high def and media as well small flaws that never showed between the copy and the original are going to become more and more apparent as tecnology grows :thumbup:


    so the movie's I plan on having and enjoying in a couple years need to be the best quality they can be!


    as far as the times it's true the encoding times are a quite a bit more up to four hour's just for what shrink takes twenty but it' sall in what you preffer I personally have gotten my encode times down to under an hour!! :w00t:


    as far as After dawn goes I dont' frequent those halls very much I find them to be arrogant, and lacking in knowledge most are just copying from dd any way's feel free to join me on www.dvdhounds.com if you need more assistance btw. there is a wealth of knowledge right here!!




  4. I think it is an idea I voted for a go on the themes as long as it will not take up valuable support and update time


    but you know what they say about teaching old dog's new treats!

  5. forgive me if this has already been addressed but upon installation of the latestversion of DVD Rebuilder I noticed this in the changelog


    - Added support for burning ISO images with ImgBurn,

    Lightning UK's latest burner. Use is automatic, DVD

    Rebuilder will recognize when ImgBurn is installed

    and it will be used. DVD Decrypter now becomes the

    secondary choice for burning. ImgBurn is free, it

    is highly recommended, and can be downloaded from



    :w00t: seems jdobbs has jumped on the train. this is great news to me as I rarely use shrink anymore!


    I also noticed that the update behind the version said final so I'm assuming that a donation will no longer get you in the V.I.P. (correct me if I'm wrong)

    Regards! :thumbup:

  6. blu, sorry but you are not, on your best day, in contention w/ these dh's especially the one in context


    but I had to reply to the last link given by the infamous shamus my restraints have failed me *crawls back into cage*

  7. Scuba pete is a shite head opps I mean stirrer @ ad also I think his only means in his post was to start shit there j-met. don't know why but he is somewhat respected over there! the only place that will put up w/ him being a dik?


    it is a shame that many newbies head over there to get just that shite on!

  8. :lol: I think the clue is in the name Peter - ImgBurn and nothing else for reasons that should be obvious...... :mugshot:


    "for reasons that should be obvious" i don't see any problem to make an iso from one DVD or CD-ROM!!



    i miss this feature too... i needed to use it today acctually, so i had to use decrypter


    this would be a useful feature in home dvd's and nonprotected dvd's! but as far as any thing else it is out of the question! let's all take a deep breath and wish decrypter a fond farewell :bye2:

    it sounds to me you are not missing it all that much anyway's

    like lfc said this is a burning program! that's that!

  9. first of all let me just say if this has already been covered sorry it is hard to keep up w/the madness that sometimes erupts around here!


    w/ all the talk of these in the news of late one can't help bu tbe concerned on our ability to cope w/ what changes this may entail. microsoft endorses hd sony blu-ray.


    what are the major differences between the two and will we be able to burn them! is this going to lead to all new media if so will img burn handle it. if any body has any add. knowledge or reading that I wouldbenefit from feel free to educate me. the more I hear about this the more questions I come up w/

  10. seems it is right on top of you now jmet! god bless you!

    we have seen scarce rain and they are calling for tornadoes but so far it is just windy as hell I'm watching the idiots swerving on the highway and some of them probably haven't even tipped the rare breed yet!

  11. dallas was bluessunny skies and hot damn hot but the weather man say's it' sabout to rain fo rthree day's straight go figure!

    26 elderly dead in a bus that caught fire trying to escape from there nursing home on the beach. the very thing that has sustained their lives (oxygen tanks) caused their quick and painless death!

    every body was late for work to day they say they have opened up a camp site in the middle of interstate 45! and I worked o.t. trying to get emergency supplies to new orleans and now the TX coast!

    it's been a long day off to bed. :yawn:

  12. have I missed the dl there is now a guide but no prog infuriating everyday I check in first it was the tenth now it is soon still soon it has been soon quite some time I checked today it was soon yesterday it was soon tom you guessed it soon everyday sooon


    soon,soon, soon,SOON is this some form of modern mid evil torture

    no offense but this is gone to far I must test i must try it I must make sweet love to it til it calls me daddy


    nevermind that last bit. but has any body heard of a new release date


    ok ok i'm off to find my add meds! just had to rant a little! :w00t:



    edit> has any body tried the edit feature the quick edit told me to please wait finally I clicked on full edit and was able to bypass the whole please wait forever screen ( think my computer is plotting my death! shh! please help!)

  13. damn these are truely tragic times we have found ourselves in.

    We all wish you well I live in tx. but dallas is pretty well safe from the ravages of the sea. I hope you are not left relying on the us officials to come to your aid as we knoe the consequences of that.

    as has been stated when in doubt get the hell out! texas has a lot of room to roam.

    god bless! & good luck :luck:

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