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  1. I don't know what to say... #39;( i can't reproduce the "error" anymore Obviously the fault was on my side of the screen. I worked on the callingpart of our sourcecode alot today, so maybe somewhere inbetween i changed something that was wrong without recognising that it was also responsible for delivering the wrong param-list for the shellexecute(imgburn.exe)... Very Sorry for spending your time on this. I better go home now before i break something seriously. Again thanks for your work. BTW: RE: forum blacklisted words / PM ... After i wrote the reply in shorter form with other words, it went through. Very strange, because i surely had no four-letter-words in it. Best regards Michael
  2. Hi LUK, thanks for your answer. Sorry i mistyped /SETTINGS in my PM. I always used the correct param-word /SETTINGS ... The fullpath i use is valid and the program has all the rights to it. I am working currently with ADMIN-rights (local and network) so there should be no limits caused by rights. The very same INI is used by imgburn.exe when started with CLI-params, but without the /SETTINGS param. So i would presume the INI is OK. This is not path-depending, the effect is the same if i try this on a local or network path... This is weird.... Well, as a workaround i just call the INI imgburn.ini and put it right beside the EXE. Then it is taken anyway and everything works fine. Hope this helps a littlebit. Best regards Michael
  3. Hi LUK, opened a new thread for thisone, so it can be found more easily by others. Maybe this is the same reason as why there won't be any cli-minimize..., so please don't get annoyed with me. It's just that this is weird... So here's the "problem" Using an INI-File with things like LogWindow=0000029500000378000002570000011A LogWindowOpen=0 LogWindowSnapped=0 in it, these settings get totaly ignored when imgburn.exe is startet with CLI-Options. As much as i understand the reason for keeping ImgBurn up and visible, this should not count the same for the logwindow and a possible position, because this window might as well have been closed or unsnapped by the actual user. ...and Joe Average is imho pretty much stunned by the content of the logwindow. That's jibberish to him anyway. So my suggestion is, please remove (if it is actually done by intention) the LogWindow* Settings from the "forbidden-when-CLI" actions. It will improve the overall impression the user gets from looking at the program. Hope you're still reading my posts Best regards Michael
  4. Ok, that makes it kind of fixed. Whenever you feel like changing it, i am standing by for assistance if needed. LUK, that was definitely not my intention. My idea was that when ImgBurn actually starts to burn (fully visible and started visible until this point), ImgBurn could (optionally) minimize itself automatically leaving the space to the user while burning in the background. When burning's done ImgBurn could pop up again to show its success. I understand your intentions to the fullest (i wouldn't do it any other way myself), but thought it might be just cute to auto-minimize when starting to do a lengthy tasks. ...and BTW: When we implement the CLI Interface in our program for ImgBurn i think it's simply a question of respect to you that we include full credits to your program including homepage URL. Why should i hide such a great piece of work. We did that with NeroCMD (which actually was crap) and we sure will do this your ImgBurn! So after sorting this out, thanks again for your great work. It will not be hidden Michael
  5. Yep, that's really spooky CLI is a must have for us. We want to give ImgBurn to our customers because a pretty significant number of them are just too "dumb" to handle a regular burning-program. With CLI we could handle the very important data-backup-routines directly from our program, so the customer data is secured. We formerly handled this with NeroCMD which, as everybody knows, is a pain in the a... So as a vivid user of "your former great program" i was very enthusiastic about the new 2.x of ImgBurn to have all my CLI whishes come true A neat little request for CLI would be something like "run in systray / minimized". At least 2.1 is not aknowledging the "systray" option from settings when run from CLI. Another question: Are you using a resource-file for your labels/captions or is it hardcoded? I would really love to see a german version of ImgBurn. I would happily volunteer for translating your resource-files. I bet others would do the same for other foreign languages. Any interest? In any way, all thumbs up for your great work keep on rocking. We all do really appreciate it. Michael
  6. Hi folks, After experimenting alot with CLI (i love it) i found a "hole" which ends in a messagebox that you cannot "override" with CLI-params. Cause of all trouble is: Enable ISOBUILD_AutoCalculate Try with the following CLI: imgburn.exe /mode ISOBUILD /BUILDMODE IMAGFILE /SRC "c:\test\data\" /FILESYSTEM "ISO9660 + Joliet" /VOLUMELABEL "Test Backup" /ERASE /VERIFY YES /DEST "c:\test.iso" /START /OVERWRITE YES /ROOTFOLDER YES /RECURSESUBDIRECTORIES YES /INCLUDEHIDDENFILES YES /INCLUDESYSTEMFILES YES /NOWRITEDETAILS /CLOSESUCCESS /NOIMAGEDETAILS /LOG "c:\test.log" When ImgBurn starts, an OK-msgbox (no files or folders were added to the image ) appears. When you okayed this box, all subsequent msgboxes (like /ROOTFOLDER...) are shown even if CLI ordered them not to show up. Even the /LOG is simply ignored... If you change AutoCalculate to NO (untick the checkbox), everything works fine as expected. Looks like a hole to me Happy "Bug"-hunting and best regards Michael
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