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  1. Just as in every windows program. Copy the highlighted line or lines (without using the context menu/mouse) en paste it somewhere for example in the top source box. The box just below the top source box is the only place in the program where such "standard" windows behaviour/shortcut doesn't work. (Only select all, ctrl-a is implemented, why not ctrl-c?). Your right about the paste option. My mistake. Sorry. I was a bit confused. The context copy menu item copies a text item. The context paste item takes file items. BTW the paste shortcut key ctrl-v doesn't work here either.
  2. Can you implement in Copy-shortcut (ctrl-c) in the context build list-box (the box below source)? What is the function of the (disabled/grayed out) paste item in the list-box? I never saw it enabled and I can't paste a bunch of directory links or file links in it?
  3. It would be great, but I have to do some "research" how the character set options work in Nero and other tools. I believe that choosing "ISO 9660" also work (maybe the tilde ~ is an issue). I am gone test a slipstream with "ISO 9660" and "ASCII" charset also. It takes some time. I'll post my findings in this thread. Maybe I am gone make a CD with filenames like: 040_@ 041_A .. 05A_Z 061_a .. 07A_z to see how the different charset get handled/translated when you burn them with differt character sets.
  4. burntest.zipI have found the following. Creating a non-slipstream CD works fine. When performing the slipstream (update -s:<path>) some files and directories are lowercased. I've created 4 cd's. 3 with Imgburn and 1 with Nero. Imgburn fails only on the un-altered slipstreamed (not uppercased) files. This can be corrected by uppercasing at least de \i386 directory. Detailed screenshots and directory listing/logs are attached to this posting. Nero does not need altering to create a working slipstream CD. cd a: Plain XP burned with imgburn works. cd b: Slipstream XP SP2 burned with imgburn failed. usbehci.sys not found during charbased setup. cd c: Slipstream XP SP2 burned with imgburn \i386 directory altered all files uppercased. works. cd d: Slipstream XP SP2 burned with Nero unaltered. works. (works=booting and installing).
  5. I agree that technicly speaking there is nothing nothing to fix. So this is not a bug. I know that Microsoft uses it's own "ISO standard". Still I can't burn a working (working = booting and installing Windows) slipstream CD. I know at least three programs who can: Nero, nLite and Bart PE builder. I think that during the character based part of the Windows setup the file system driver is more restrictive or more case sensitive. I am gone test it tomorrow (upercase usbehci.sy_ and maybe other files needed at the char based setup).
  6. I am trying to build a bootable slipstream Windows XP sp2 CD. The CD boots perfectly in character based setup mode. There are 2 files which can't be copied. (file on slipstreamdir) -> (file on build cd) CYCLAD-Z.IN_ -> CYCLAD_Z.IN_ CYCLOM-Y.IN_ -> CYCLOM_Y.IN_ I think that the minus sign isn't ISO compliant and is replaced by the underscore. When I check "Allow full ASCII Charcter set" booting works, but fails in copying usbehci.sys (lowercase). I noticed that usbehci.sy_ is in lowercase in de slipstream directory while for example USBOHCI.SY_ is in all-caps. I didn't check if I all-cap usbehci.sy_ solves the problem. Burning the same slipstream directory with Nero works fine. I user ISO character set DOS with Nero.
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