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  1. Guys - the VOBBlanker tutorial did the trick! I'm setting layer breaks like nobody's business! I've already "fixed" two of my un-burnable captures, and played them back on a stand-alone DVD player to check the end product - a smashing success. I really appreciate you two taking the time to respond.
  2. Checking that out now... I'm already smacking myself because I have VOB blanker - one of the first things mentioned in that thread! Thanks again~
  3. Thanks for the reply - here's the deets on my capture equipment. I'm using Pinnacle's DAZZLE DVD system. The software (to my knowledge) supports burning only to single-layer discs. You can "burn" to a hard disk folder and exceed the 4.7G folder size (which is how I got into this mess), but there's no settings for adding layer break info. You can also capture more than 120m of video, but the quality is reduced, in kind. As you can see above, in my reply to LxUK, I do get the EOTW message - shame on me for not mentioning that before! Dang it, I was trying to provide all the relevant info. I tried creating a layer break with the "Create DVD file" and "Create MDS file" but no luck. I'll also admit that I did NO research on what those options are for. By the time I found those options, I was already pissy at the lack of progress in figuring this thing out.
  4. Thanks in advance for the reply. For the record, the same things happens whether I'm trying to create an ISO or burn a DL disc. I'll run down the steps I'm taking and paste the message: I'll use a TS_VIDEO folder that's, say, 7.2G. I open ImgBurn and select "Create Image file from files/folders". I browse to, and select the folder of interest. I click the "Build" button and select a destination directory. I confirm the volume label and then this pops up:
  5. I have searched the net, and poured over this site, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. In short, I have old VHS that I have captured and want to burn to DVD. The problem is that the VHS runs over 2 hours, so I can't put it on a single-layer disc without compressing - which I don't want to do. I'd like to have it uncompressed on one disc. So, I've tried creating a layer break in ImgBurn so that I can burn to a DVD DL, but I am never successful - I truly just have no clue what to do. I thought I was doing the right thing, but obviously not. Can anyone advise on how to take a large (>4.7G) set of VOB files and create a layer break where none existed? Thanks much!
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