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  1. ok, .cue made with ImgBurn works. .cue from RubyRipper, resaved with Pluma txt editor also works! so this is quite an easy fix (just open and save the .cue with text editor). appears to be a RubyRipper issue, that is not creating .cue with proper character encoding. sorry to bother you!
  2. sorry forget to say, the .cue is created by RubyRipper, the same app we always used to rip CDs before. i will try again with ImgBurn to create .cue. it would be best if it could accept .cue from RR, i don't think RubyRipper has been updated (0.6.2?) but may be an issue there? thanks
  3. hiya! been happily using ImgBurn for a few years after you kindly fixed some bugs for me a long time ago! Just got around to updating my linux systems from 10.10 to 14.04 Ubuntu. Seem to have run into a bug, not sure if in WINE but i suspect so question is it a WINE bug, or wine setting, and/or can i work around this in ImgBurn settings? would rather not have to go through and rename all my old files and .cue files. here's the error: (attached? hopefully!) I have checked the .cue is correct and the file exists obviously. VLC native loads the .cue fine. Clearly it's to do with the accents on some characters (which are ok linux filesystem characters). What's odd is i never had this problem with older system, running same ImgBurn version, and have done much foreign music before. WINE version 1.7.25 ImgBurn Xubuntu 14.04.1 64bit Many thanks hope this is all info needed.
  4. anyone else having problems with the log window not drawing properly? mine looks like a copy of part of the main window. closing and reopening it doesn't help. not sure when this start happening means i can't see the log.
  5. i'm eventually planning on moving to 12.04 LTS (or the Mint derived one) but not just for this. highest alsa for 10.10 i can see is .23, although there's a ton of alsa parts i don't have installed. thanks i guess i'll just leave sounds disable for those users for now. if anyone really cares: http://duopetalflower.blogspot.com/2011/02/alsa-1024-in-ubuntu-1010.html https://bugs.launchpad.net/maverick-backports/+bug/841225
  6. i'm worried about WINE. seems to be very buggy currently imgburn is the only app i use with it, but there will probably be others. Not all of them will be responsive to getting bugs in WINE fixed, or care at all. anyway thanks, are you going to submit another report to them (please!). at least the first and more important one was taken care of quickly thanks again.
  7. yup, you're right as usual! wouldn't have thought of that thanks. ok i can disable sounds no problem for me. probably pulseaudio being weird or something?
  8. i am using 10.10 but with a .38 kernel. $ uname -r 2.6.38-11-generic anything else relevant? you're really on it today btw edit: sorry misread you, you CAN reproduce. ok good. thanks.
  9. ah yeah that pops up and i click it, then this. sorry should have mentioned.
  10. sure, this is on test mode but does this with every cue and every setting afaik My link
  11. ah there's nothing there. left it overnight to make sure it's really hung (it has!) Stop button shows dialog "please be patient". did this with .5 and .6.
  12. well i'm running in wine so not sure if i can see that? do you mean system status bar or imgburn sorry?
  13. edit: first time i ran it after updating it didn't detect any drives, now it does, seems to work too, nice! thanks Another problem is that the app just sort of hangs after Average Verify Rate.. it doesn't crash, you can push buttons, but if you cancel it says be patient and never does anything. have to force close the app. any ideas there?
  14. superb, thanks, and to the patcher too. i'll let you know here after next wine release if my crash is fixed.
  15. ok i'll have another play with wine config, otherwise i'll have to carry on using 2.5.5 (and will take any Wine updates of course) there was some other bug in wine 1.2x that forced me to update to 1.3x.. i think it wasn't detecting drives properly. thanks again, and for all your work. ImgBurn is the only app that can burn my .cue sheets properly! everything else i tried in ubuntu failed.
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