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  1. I have used your product for many years. I build computers for clients and have recommended your product to them for years. Over the years, I have donated money to you and your product. I'm well aware of all the pitfalls and traps that go with installing software. I even watched your forum tutorial just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. In spite of EVERYTHING, I still ended up with 2 Open Candy PUPs. It's taken me 1/2 an hour to clean everything up again. You have a great product, and I understand your need to monetize it. However, affiliating yourself with Open Candy and their surreptitious efforts to install things on people's computers does nothing for the goodwill and image that you've crafted. Until you dissociate yourself from these purveyors of malware, I will no longer use your product, nor will I recommend it to clients.
  2. Thanks Lightning. I burned one using the .MDS and it worked well. One last question: There are a lot of different 'write speed' choices. Which will give you the highest quality copy? Cheers.
  3. Is the .MDS file a part of the original disk, or something that ImageBurn creates in the process of creating the .ISO image? "They're essentially the same thing. The MDS is a little info file and ImgBurn will pull the data in from the ISO automatically. You could live without the MDS but don't delete the ISO " I don't understand how a 5KB .MDS file can be the same as a 3.5GB .ISO file. I apologise for being a bit thick here, but I'm pretty new to this stuff.
  4. When I write the image file to a DVD, do I write just the .ISO file, or do I have to write the .MDS file too?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I already have a W7 bootable DVD. I was trying to make a copy of it as my current version is getting a bit old and scratched...I wanted to make the iso file of it while it was still working. So if that iso is actually good, do I then just 'build' a DVD using that image?
  6. I tried to make an iso image of a Windows 7 install disk, and it didn't end up looking like the image in Lightning's tutorial at all. Please see the attched screenshot to see what ended up. I used the default location for the 'create an image' option. How do I end up with an iso image like the one in the 'creating a bootable windows CD" tutorial? Thanks for any help. I should add that I tried to open that folder (the one that was over 3GB) and couldn't find anything that looked close to Lightning's Vista_Install folder
  7. I'm looking for a way to make a bootable Windows 7 install disk that will give you a new, clean install of the OS. I don't think the disk created by 'Create a system repair disk' will do that. I think it just repairs the existing OS.
  8. My install of Windows 7 Ultimate doesn't have the option in 'Backup and Restore' to create a re install disk. I studied the 'How to make a Bootable Windows 7' guide on this forum, but can't find the folders that make up Lightning's 'VISTA_INSTALL' source directory. Where would the equivalent set of files be located on Windows 7 Ultimate? I'm looking for boot, efi, sources, support, upgrade, autorun.inf, bootmgr, setup.exe Thanks for any help.
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