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  1. Yes, Yes. I know what you guys saying. It's right. It's my little 'self-convenience ??' wish. I think if ImgBurn can handle recorder settings, my suggest is enough to attempt, too. -- PS: [WOPC On] is not all-around.
  2. Only LUK, understood this. I think. DVD-R media When burning data is 100MB, recorder burns disc to 100MB? -> NO. The true story is here. Recorder burns disc until ~1GB position. So, rest amount (1GB - 100MB = ~900MB) is written by garbage / dummy data. If burning data is Just 6MB? Then, 1024MB - 6MB = ~1018MB garbage data will be written. Thus, [100MB Data Recording time] is same with [1GB Data Recording time] This is not by user behavior. It's done by recorder. And can't disable generally. But Nero has disable option. As LUK mentioned, this dummy padding operation is NOT by application. It's Burner h/w and DVD format specification related. And he said, control command is exist. This explain why nero can disable padding. Anyway, my wish is,, ImgBurn option. Ignore Filesystem Padding (until 1GB). -- NOTE: I'm using Pioneer A11, BENQ 1640, LITE-ON 1693S / 165P6S. On DVD-R media, All my recorders DO filesystem padding. On DVD+R media, All my recorders DO NOT filesystem padding. In Nero with disable high compatibility mode(= disable filesystem padding), It really DO NOT padding on DVD-R.
  3. I'm BENQ recorder user. First, I liked that ImgBurn can handle unique settings of various recorder brands. Sometimes, I want to OFF WOPC. In this case, I must run Qsuite and click WOPC tab, and press Disable. This is very weary and slow. The real problem is WOPC setting cannot permanent. (Probably LUK! you already know) Every Power-On situation, WOPC setting is restored to 'ON'. ImgBurn can handle WOPC setting. So I suggest. Please ImgBurn take override control WOPC setting to "FORCE OFF" !! So Launching ImgBurn -> Automatically WOPC set to OFF. I want this!
  4. Addendum, I really hate Nero. No misconception plz... :)
  5. Well, I see. But sometimes, I need to burn small amount data onto DVD. In this case, at least 1GB writing isn't efficient. Especially Mini DVD-RW, writing time is very long! Because most of Mini DVD-RW has 2x speed only. So I suggest. If ImgBurn can handle this command, Add this option. I wish. PS: In my observation, this is only applied "-R" media. NOT +R. Am I wrong?
  6. Bottom "Verify" button -> works (really starts verify operation) BUT Select [File] Menu - [Verify] -> Do not anything.
  7. Nero Burning ROM has DVD High Compatibility Option. (Nero -> Choose Recorder -> Options) And can turn ON or OFF. I think Imgburn, always turned on. I wish ImgBurn to have option about this.
  8. 1. Change mode to: Verify 2. Insert media or load image file. 3. Select [File] - [Verify] Then, no responses. But, bottom verify button is working. This is bug.
  9. Ah, I found the way. Just add DVD files then, [Do they represend ~~~] Choose 'No'. Now, all problems are solved.
  10. Oh, I added files only (not folder). Add VIDEO_TS folder, it works! (I thought this is not DVD-Video format. But I was wrong...) Here is a question. When I want to add VIDEO files (not all files), Just Data disc. ImgBurn forces to DVD-Video mode. How should I change to Data mode? So confusing...
  11. Sure, here it is: * FAT32 isn't related with this problem. I sure. * When I Add Original (unscrambled) (DVD-9) DVD files, It works normally!
  12. I have the similar problem below: http://forum.imgburn.com/lofiversion/index.php/t2043.html I tried Drag & Drop method. But not working. After add DVD-Video files, [image Information] shows all "Unknown". And I press calculate, log shows "operation failed!". Very rarely, it works normally. I used DVD-5 compressed files via Intervideo DVDCopy5.
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