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  1. hehe nice one, it's fun huge changelog, anyway as jmet i'm still very interested on when the version 6 should be released As it is said in ImgBurn, check your life now
  2. Argh, I'm leaving tomorrow to my family, I just just fell the excitment about the new release, even if I am not really in need of burning anything soon . Happy christmas for everyone if Im not here to wish it:)
  3. What! It means it doesn't have a font manager !!!! Kidding of course, have a nice weekend
  4. Haha I second that one, Img is definately the program that should have one! Whatever, LUK while I wouldn't disagree with a new version of ImgBurn (with a Font Manager of course )this week end, I wouldn't mind either that every one that have been working directly or not on imgburn take a well deserved break for the upcoming christmas. So don't push yourself even if it for writing changelogs, especially since your changelogs are usually dense .
  5. While nice the windowing system is nice, ImgBurn still look like a win 95 application.
  6. Too bad wine cannot apply gtk or kde themes in the application, that would be great to have an ImgBurn with the Clearlook theme
  7. Hey thx, I especially remember the first thread now I guess I'm blind then. I forgot in my previous post to give the url of the tool, so here is it : http://hem.bredband.net/catacombae/dmgx.html At least if no development on this side are going on (which I can totally understand), ppl can use this free tool to convert a DMG image.
  8. I remember a post about DMG support, unfirtunately either i'm blind or i didn't find the DMG thread. So about DMG support I came across a source code in Java used to convert DMG to iso, maybe a support of this format is possible. There is altough bz2 compression alogrythm (and others) whose liscence might need some clarfication. How things are this going on this side or not?
  9. I guess my reasons are there File Size Comparison
  10. For thos who like multi desktop like those on linux, i found a nifty too called Dexpot. (http://www.dexpot.de/) Actually while I just discovered it, it doesn't seems new at all. So the tool seems pretty stable and doesn't really eat memory (around 8MB). It isn't as beautiful as on macos, but it is quite useful anyway. As I suppose ppl here like good software I think this one deserves a try and some credits.
  11. It's not as good as ImgBurn but SimplyBurns is a nice burning program pretty simple and straightforward.
  12. @Martin H Yes this exactly how LUK understood it, it's not wizard, it's just a screen taht can lead to the principal area of the program. And ImgBurn is probably used by ppl whose native tongue is not english, and is certainly proposed to non english computer "newbie", I think a bit and only a bit of attention to their clumsiness is nice for them. Btw i don't really like them either (wiazrds), but sometime it is a good thing for some ppl that can be lost on a computer. And on this program i don't think it's a good idea to create a wizard anyway, and a welcome screen is probably well enough. @blackdavinci Wow, your mockup is great, i'm backing up this design
  13. Well though I don't specifically find the ui of ImgBurn difficult to understand. I came to notice that people that doens't even know what style in word is couldn't apprehend ImgBurn that easily. An pretty simple idea would be to have at the launch of ImgBurn a panel with huge icons proposing what ImgBurn can do. I made a simple mockup of what i'm talking about. (Icons borrowed from the great work done at gnome: http://art.gnome.org/themes/icon/1100 )
  14. How can we did not see such a nice feature, that would definately means the burial of every other burning software. This is indeed a missing critical feature! ... as an easter egg this would be lovely
  15. Well somehow that's true, english is not my native language, anyway I writed this comparison in the intent to be confusing
  16. Yeah ImgBurn just rocks But I was astonished when I saw the installation size of Nero 8, of course i dnd't want it . I felt a fair comparison was needed. Anyway I completely assume my words there
  17. Just for comparison Nero 8 weight less than 1 GB (of course there is a lot of almost useless software maybe bloatware/crapware) ImgBurn, well it weight more than 1 500 000 Bytes (and there is only the burning software) Which one suits best your needs... I'm sure every one had made the correct choice, isn't it?
  18. I agree this is technically possible, but in any case the words and sentences have a different length, and as mentionned by LUK the graphical widgets like labels must also be determined the hard way. So my point is that the translators must keep the translated items within the maximum size of the widgets. And in regard of the developement, creating the code that would correctly size every items while keeping the interface coherent and convenient is a "PITA", especially if the program as said by LUK wasn't designed at first for.
  19. Well I guess this is the choice of LUK and as a freeware it should remain so. Anyway I'm more at encouraging donation regardless of the features added or not. The program is already great and huge work has already been made for so long that it deserves it anyway. Nevertheless while this is the only burning software I have installed, a multisession writing/building could be a welcomed addition.
  20. yes, that would be a pretty good addition too!
  21. oh ok, thx a lot I'd like to test it out , anyway as I don't use it daily anyway i won't be a good beta tester. I'll patiently wait for the next big revision Thx for your attention and your commitment
  22. I used those switches, but it didn't work /mode isobuild /buildmode imagefile [b]/src "..\source files\CD ROOT\"[/b] /filesystem "ISO9660 + UDF" /start But ImgBurn said that the file folder doesn't exists
  23. I have discovered while making a simple script for me that I couldn't use relative path to generate an iso or burn from a directory. For example using the IBB file, i would have supposed that an IBB file could be stored along with files or in a locatin that could make sense but still in a relative way, however ImgBurn didn't understood the paths and my script got out of use. For example: ... [sTART_BACKUP_LIST] .\Office Entreprise 2007 [END_BACKUP_LIST] Also using the CLI, it didn't couldn't figure out relative paths. I'm using this script because I don't want to write stuffs that might rely on hard paths and drive letters. I think it is a bug, but it might as well be a suggestion, if this is the case I apologize for the post in the wrong section. Again thx in advance
  24. Might be a bit repetitive, but ImgBurn is just great! Simple, designed for efficency and yet powerfull for advanced users! Just great Here I'm talking about the different themes you can use with winxp, using a patched uxtheme! The programs works well, however in the settings, some pannels are a bit too big and options are hidden. For example I'm using one of the great themes from b0se (GUi.Air), and here is the screenshot of the general settings. May be a mini scrollbar could be nice to manage such cases for example somthing like that : rolldown controller or maybe something else more relevant. Anyway tia for considering this slight bug.
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