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  1. Another vote for Burrrn. Gambit has really made an awesome cdrdao frontend here, so if you haven't allready, then do yourself a favor and go download it. Not only does it support all needed formats out-of-the-box, but also ReplayGain, all EACs cuesheets(even the non-compliant ones), WavPack/FLAC/APE images with embedded cuesheets and Gambit has also added code so that MP3s are decoded gaplessly just like Peters decoder in foobar2000(lame.exe only removes the leading padding based on the LAME info tag, but not the trailling padding, which is what Gambit has added - not to lame.exe, but his app ammends the decoded output from lame.exe after the decoding has been done).


    Burrrn :



    To me, then ImgBurn for data and Burrrn for audio is all that i use for all my burning needs(i have switched from burnatonce to Imgburn for data not that long ago because of DVD writing problems with cdrecord-ProDVD).


    I'm embarresed to admit that i haven't given LUK! a donation for his great work yet, but as i don't have a credit card, then i really don't know how to be able to support him unfortunetly :'(


    CU, Martin.

  2. I personally only use Taiyo Yuden T03 and Verbatim MCC004(not from India because of bad QC issues) 16x DVD+Rs and always writes them at 8x. The TY T02 are generally better than the TY T03 as also is the Verbatim MCC003 compared to the Verbatim MCC004, but unfortunetly my favorite supplier dosen't carry those anymore...

  3. fully agree ,here on the forum after all the scans and tests that have been done we inform people that the quality ratings drop off at 16X and you should not burn over 12x also limiting external burners to 8X.

    Cheers mate :)


    CU, Martin.

  4. The list stored in the drives firmware for allowed speeds for different media codes isn't something that is fully trustworthy. First of all their are often media variations e.g. MCC004 from india etc. Second not all drives have very effective OPC routines, and finally Burn-proof will only kick-in when there are IO bandwith problems, and for the OPC slowdowns, but if that isn't working 100% perfectly, then you can get burns wich because of to high burn speeds have increased PIE/PIF/POE error counts/jitter values.


    The burn speed recommendations that i outlined previously, is to avoid getting to high error counts/jitter values which can affect playability, and if someone had e.g. looked at the germain c't magazine's CATS test of various 16x burnings which was measured by AudioDev lab Sweden with various drives and media, then they wouldn't say that burning at 16x always is fine, no matter if the firmware reports it to be capable of it or not... Burning 16x DVD+/-Rs at 8x or max 12x to me is certantly good advice, to give to people that aren't doing quality scans themselves...


    Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

  5. Unless you do Nero CD-DVD Speed, KProbe2 or DVDInfoPro quality scans on different media and write speeds to find media that writes well at max speed with your drive, then i would recommend that you use either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media and write 16x DVD+/-Rs at 8x or 12x max, data CD-Rs at 32x and audio CD-Rs using e.g. Burrrn at 16x.

  6. ImgBurn tries to lock the drive just before the writing starts, so that other apps can't interrupt the burn if they try to acces the drive during the write process. The error message means that ImgBurn couldn't lock the drive because another app was using it.

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