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  1. I have 2 SATA burners, both from LG: WH12LS39 and GH22NS30 and while checking for their capabilities informed by ImgBurn, I saw that both can read and write on DVD-RW Dual Layer discs. Only there are 2 problems: 1) in the docs I could find online for the 2 drives, they never mention "able to read and/or write to dual layer rewritable DVD", they only mention single layer rewritable DVD; 2) I can't seem to find any DVD-RW DL or DVD+RW DL online for sale, to purchase and check. How is that capability determined?
  2. Strange but when I close the program and reopen it, the drag-and-drop feature works again. I went back to and same thing. If it starts to behave this way, I need to close it and restart. About the standard and advanced building methods, are they supposed to hold different files/folders? Shouldn't be only one layout shared across them?
  3. Please explain to me if this is a bug or a new feature. I think it's a bug... When I was using, I could drag and drop folders + files directly from Windows Explorer to the standard or advanced input and now it has a forbidden sign. Plus when I change from standard to advanced or vice versa, the layouts don't get copied anymore. I can have two different layouts while before there was only one, which was shared. Am I right? May I ask for you to allow ESC key to exit advanced input screen instead of clicking on the red X?
  4. How can I contact mmalves about that? Or should I just post the typos here?
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