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  1. @ianymaty, thank you for your words of wisdom. And thankfully, I have SP2.
  2. Thanks @mmalves. Yes, I have Win7 Pro and XP mode, but find it somewhat unsatisfactory, especiallty with regard to graphic support.
  3. Hello, I see from the guides that there is a method for creating a bootable WinXP installation from WinXP, but the instructions state, "it won't work if you're running Vista or newer." I searched the forums, but don't find a way around this. The guide: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=11190 Is there a way around this roadblock? I lost my Windows XP machine to a crashed hard disk. I found out later that my original WinXP installation disks (I have 2 -- full retail and upgrade) won't work on an HDD larger than about 130 GB. I tried reducing the boot partition on my laptop to a smaller size, but it stops just above the limit and won't go any smaller. I've tried installing on other HDDs, but keep getting a blue screen "Stop" error ("0x0000007E"), regarding pci.sys. I'm not entirely certain, but this seems to be related to the newer mother boards I have in use. It seems the only way around this is to create an install with SP2 or 3 slipstreamed. I even found a method for installing onto an external HDD. I have one that's about 80 GB, but keep getting the same blue screen. I would like to install WinXP, but I don't have WinXP running on any of my computers. I welcome any suggestions.
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