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  1. thanks for the info --- if the device was a Blu-ray burner would that make a difference? Lastly, as you noted that MS changed the way usb 3.0 is detechted, if the usb burned is connected to a usb 3 port, would Imgburn will the "wites" to it still be at usb 3 speed? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the i info -- so will the usb interface take advantage of the full speed of the ASUS drive?
  3. Hello --- I just set up an external DVD using the Vantec-DX enclosure and the ASUS DRW-24F1ST drive, The Vantec case is usb 3.0, but when I start imgburn it is listed as a usb 2.0 device --- did I miss something here? does it make a difference usb 2 or 3? Thanks
  4. I guess a blu-ray writer would be best --- would it make sense to get a drive that would be installed in a desktop and mount in an enclosers?
  5. thx for the info --- I just a portable that is usb2 --- there is so many to pick from --- would info on the drive itself reveal it actual speed?
  6. Hello --- it seems that most new small laptop don't have an optical drive, so picking one seems to be a challenge in itself ---- I think I read someplace that the connection, usb2 or usb3 does not make a difference, since it the drive itself that will dictate the speed --- so in looking for a drive does it matter if its usb2 or usb3? Thanks
  7. thanks for clearing that up
  8. so just to confim, Imgburn does NOT have any sort of limit on how many disc it will burn?
  9. Yes, that would seem to be the case, but as the text/line appears in the log: I 16:29:20 CD/DVD Life Record Count: 31 - CD/DVD Record Count: 3 I 16:29:20 BD Life Record Count: 10 - BD Record Count: 3 Is there some "upper limit" to how may disc can be "burned"
  10. Life Record Count I seened this line for cd/dvd and blu-ray discs in the log --- what is it counting?
  11. thanks for the info
  12. Hello --- I just noticed this about a usb dvd drive that I connected to my computer. the unit is sold as a usb3 device, but when I check the imgburn log, it notes it as a usb2 device --- does imgburn get this info from the dev manager? NOTE that the drive is connected to a a usb3 port on the computer is there a difference in the speed for a usb2 / usb3 optical drive? info2.txt
  13. Hello --- Please clarify the website notes the current info for imgburn is version: Released: 16th June 2013 -- but the digests (sha1, md5) see to be changing over time --- are updates being applied to version Thanks
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