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  1. Ah so you changed your mind. Not such a bad idea after all?
  2. Brilliant new release. I like everything about it. I'm sure like many others that by using ImgBurn I've learned a lot about burning-related matters and indeed computers in general. Thanks so much LUK! - your contribution to free software has been immeasurable.
  3. Just had an idea for a feature. Maybe ImgBurn could warn the user if the IDE channel is set to PIO mode before the burn starts?
  4. Thanks. From what you say I think it was probably transferring large files onto DVD-RAM that caused Windows to switch to PIO.
  5. Recently I used ImgBurn and noticed that my CPU was dominated by "Hardware Interrupts" (as reported by Proccess Explorer) so that the burn would not exceed 2x and no other application could be used. After some investigation I found theat the IDE channel was set to PIO mode (I always have DMA enabled). The only way I could get DMA mode back was to uninstall the driver for that channel and restart Windows XP - then all was well. Today I fired up ImgBurn and again "Hardware Interrupts" swamped the CPU - sure enough PIO was enabled. Something is changing the transfer mode on the IDE channel to PIO. Any ideas what is doing this? Infotool results attached InfoTool.txt
  6. Would be nice to recall most recent projects without having to save them in an *.ibb file. Something like DVDShrink does:
  7. Pausing a burn? Sounds to me like a one-way ticket to coaster city.
  8. I use this one. Has a really good overview which shows what applications are accessing the internet and what bandwidth they are using. It also has application behaviour control which alerts you when apps start and gives you the chance to stop them. I use this and don't bother with an antivirus.
  9. My understanding is that ImgBurn writes the data directly to the disc without creating an image first.
  10. Ironically the googleads that I see on this page link you to search for ImgBurn on ebay. Noone's selling it there at present.
  11. You do very well for DL media in the USA. Here in the UK the cheapest you can get is the very worst DL discs at about ?1.50 a time.
  12. A_T

    creating iso

    Hopefully not the same things that plagued your previous utility. I would imagine you could approach it like CloneDVD does, where it only works on unencrypted DVDs. If a user wants to do something more than that, then there are those helper apps that take care of that issue. Also, making CD images should of course be for straight data type CDs, not protected games. "approach it like CloneDVD does" - you mean like offer another product for sale that does the decrypting part?
  13. I suppose it's not impossible that someone out there will package ImgBurn 2 with some malware in a custom installer.
  14. LUK! what do you recommend: is it better to build an iso first (slower) or burn files/VIDEO_TS straight to the device? Or does it make no difference? I have always in the past built an iso first (especially with DVD Video discs) but that was when burning with "other" apps like Nero and RecordNow.
  15. Congratulations to LUK! and thanks for all the hard work. A truly outstanding piece of work.
  16. I know LUK! said the 1st but I don't recall him specifying which month
  17. Below is a scan of a recent burn of a Verbatim "AZO+" 16x DVD+R Printable. They are excellent Made in Taiwan discs and carry the MCC 004 media code. If you are looking at 16x DVD+Rs then 100 for $23 looks an excellent price. However if they are called "Pearl White" they are using CMC Magnetics dye which is only average. Also make sure they say "Made in Taiwan" on the packaging. If they are "Made in India" they will also not be as good.
  18. I have Verbatim discs made by MCC and Taiyo Yuden that declare themselves "AZO+" - I don't think it it any way means they are lower quality.
  19. A_T

    ImgBurn V2

    That's good . I love the ImgBurn interface - like I loved the one for DVDD. Would not like to see it radically changed - it's so reserved - almost British in nature.
  20. When using a Lite-On or BenQ drive I would like to see the log contain whether Hypertuning, WOPC, SolidBurn etc. etc. was enabled for that burn. Also could the log information be burned into the disc so it could be read back by ImgBurn when the disc is reinserted - in a similar way to how CDSpeed burns some of the graph data into the disc? Thanks A_T
  21. A_T

    ImgBurn V2

    Take your time lads. It's better you get it right than rush it and make a mess of things
  22. Thanks that's good. Been looking for something like that - the similar app I'm using only works with one drive. Yes. Actually I'm in 2 minds whether to use Wheelie4's suggestion. His programme needs 2 clicks whereas the one I'm used to only needs one so some major adjustments are required.
  23. it would be good to have some more options when right-clicking the icon. Especially open/close tray and erase disc. Looking forward to version 2.
  24. The latest test version of Smartburn has a new feature called Online Hypertuning introduced since the last release of ImgBurn. Be great if this could be included in Advanced Options of future builds.
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