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  1. Extract from Wikipedia: CMC Magnetics Corporation (Chinese: 中環股份有限公司) is a Taiwanese company that manufactures optical discs. Established in 1978, its factories are located in Taiwan, China (Memorex, HP, Philips, TDK, Maxell) and Hong Kong (Memorex, Philips). In December 2015, Taiyo Yuden, one of the inventors of the recordable CD and inventor of the original cyanine dye for CD-R, sold its optical disc brand and intellectual property to CMC Magnetics, ending its own production in Japan.[1]
  2. What a great forum this is !! Thank you all. I switched back to my old Pioneer DVD burner, did a Full Erase, and it successfully completed. I then opened My PC in windows Explorer, and was able to format the disk from there too. All fixed. Except for the errors in the ImagBurn erasing process, as seen in the attached. Are these significant? So far, ,my PS3 is the only one that has recognised this Verbatim BD-RE in the past. I do have an older Sony stand alone DVD /Blu-ray player that does not like this particular brand of disk. Is TDK or Sony a better BD-RE disk than Verbatim? My kind regards to all, Jill
  3. dminter, I used Verbatim BD-RE 25GB disc because I thought that was a really good and reputable brand. Can you please suggest a replacement brand I can buy?
  4. Many thanks for your great advice and support. I did a Full Erase this 2nd time, as per your advice, but got a Write Error. Looks like the BD-RE disk is cactus, beyond repair
  5. That didn't work, sadly. Suspect something is wrong with the Blu-ray BD-RE disk. See screen print below
  6. I have a 25GB BD-RE disk with a RAW format that I cannot format in Win 10 in the usual manner. Can ImbBurn be used to do this so that Win 10 will recognise the disk?
  7. Hello, I ahve a TV series of 4 DVDs which I would like to put on a single Blu-ray disk and be able to select any one via a menu at the start. Can you please tell me it I can do this with Imbburn? If not, can you recommend any software that will be able to do it? regards,
  8. Hello, I have downloaded a lot of small .mkv files, and using ImgBurn have burnt them to a BD 25GB Blu-ray disk using the " Write files/folders" option. When I put the disk in my Sony PS3 player, there are no titles found. Same result for a Panasonic DVR at a friends place. When I them put it in my Sony 3D blu-ray player, all the titles appear, and I can select and play any one. Not sure if this is the right forum, but can anyone suggest a way of burning these files to a 25GB disk that PS3 ( and others) will recognise? regards, Jill
  9. Many thanks for this thoughtfiul and very helpful reply. It is only with this batch of Verbatim disks that I had trouble with the burner - never previously, and I ahve been using it for 4 years. One of the first things I did was to clean the drive with a new cleaning disk Thanks for the link, I upgraded the firmware. I tried to burn a bd folder to disc, but got the same problems, failing to write at the very beginning. I then change to a TDK disk, and it burned perfectly first time. The burner is getting near the end of tis life, so have just purchased a Panasonic BDR-208 EDK. Will use that for burning, and the Sony for reading thanks for your great support Jill
  10. Ooops, sorry about that, forgot it in my rush. Log file attached Jill ImgBurn.log
  11. Hello, I am trying to burn a Blu-ray movie folder to a Verbatim 50GB disk, and keep getting an error message, as shown on the attached image. Can anyome please advise what this error message means, and how I might get around it?
  12. I have burnt a 16Gb mkv file to a BluRay folder using tsMuxerGUI and burnt these folders to a Bluray disk using ImgBurn, and the movie plays beautifully on my computer. However, when I go to play it on my Panasonic DMR-BW780, the subtitles do not appear. When I play it on a friend's Sony BluRay player, the subtitles are present, but the movie is badly pixelated Can anyone please advise on how to overcome either problem? My TV is a PAL system regards, Jill ( Australia)
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