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  1. Weird. I connected to my work computer with Remote Desktop when I replied yesterday (I was at home) and ran that utility and it didn't find the DVD drive. I ran it today without Remote Desktop and it found it (Maybe there is something I don't know about RDP). Anyway, I've attached a zip of the firmware that came from running the 6.0.1 version of the utility. HP_DVD_Writer_1270d_GH24.zip
  2. I tried those flash utilities and they weren't able to detect my DVD drive. I tired a couple of different versions and none of them seemed to work. Thanks!
  3. IMGBurn seemed to image the first CD correctly (Didn't give any errors), but I had problems when trying to burn the CD (It would hang unless I turned the buffer down). After I turned the buffer down, it would hang trying to burn the CD (At the end). Anyway, I canceled it and compared all the files on it to all the files on the original and they all matched. I don't have the original disk to image from, but I have the copy I made. When I try to image it, I'll get read errors on the last 10 or so sectors (I'm guessing because it never fully finished the CD). I can't give you the image because it is someone's medical records. I have attached the log from trying to image the copy: EDIT: And thanks for making IMGBurn. I don't use anything but it anymore (Not even Nero, which has gone downhill a lot in the past 5 years)
  4. I had an issue with IMGburn hanging and not finishing a burn. I made an image of a CD. The total image size was 28 MB. I then turned around and tried to burn that back to CD. My buffer size is set to 40 MB. Anyway, IMGBurn hangs on filling the buffer at 66% and sits there for 2 minutes doing nothing. I canceled the job. Changed my buffer to 11 MB and now the job will burn and finish. Thanks! EDIT: I am running the version 2.5.7 of IMGBurn.
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