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  1. Thanks for your reply, LIGHTNING UK!. Perfectly reasonable for you to get some income for your excellent program via Adwords. I do feel the page layout is sort of a trap - but still, as long as the ad DOWNLOAD buttons are clearly labeled 'Advertisement' then caveat emptor. There was a report that the ImgBurn installer had bundled Ask toolbar without an opt out. I find that not to be the case. The installer that I downloaded today via ImgBurn Mirror 7 and via Softpedia doesn't seem to actually install the Ask toolbar, although it does create one unwanted key: HKCU\Software\Ask.com.tmp There is no entry for Ask in Control Panel > Uninstall People don't want extra keys added to their Registry, but on the whole this may be a case of much ado about virtually nothing. cnm
  2. I know, but I understand that the site owner can ask Google to exclude particular ads. Also the site owner can display a prominent DOWNLOAD button of their own. I love ImgBurn and was sorry when one of our users infected themselves with the Ask toolbar by clicking the wrong thing. http://www.spywareinfoforum.com/index.php/topic/134624-search-engine-redirect-malware-aka-feedmixerorg/?p=776876 They downloaded ImgBurn in order to create BitDefender Rescue Disk.
  3. People fall for those big green buttons, and no actual download link is evident (although there is a tab). If they are careless enough to click the wrong thing, they get the Download Manager which I would call malware. Just saying.
  4. Large Download button downloads MiPony Download Manager setup. Avast rightly found it suspicious. This is an evil program which installs Babylon and a raft of junk toolbars, reconfigures your browsers, etc. (I traced it with Revo Pro.) Opt out boxes are grayed out unless Advanced mode is selected; then if the boxes are unselected, there are three or four screens that will add the things unless you hit the Decline button. After all that, my PC was rendered unbootable and I had to restore it from a backup image. People who want ImgBurn naturally go to http://www.imgburn.com and don't realize they must scroll down to News and select the legitimate download link http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download I realize the big misleading Download buttons are labeled 'Advertisement' but that is easy to overlook. I hope ImgBurn will stop showing the Download button for Download Manager Setup.
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