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  1. All track info is ok. For the Album, the Album Name is ok, just the Album Artist (PERFORMER) is not showing on Audio CD but shows Unknown Artist in stead.
  2. I also tested it on a DVD player that is so old that it can't have any connection to Internet or other external source and still finds the data that is on the CD disk itself. And that finds the info on commercial CD's but on ImgBurn made Audio CD's it show Unknown Artist But the real topic is that Audio CD should show Album Artist, Album Name and Track Names. ImgBurn is one of the very few that show Album Name and Track Names, but not the Album Artist. If it writes properly 2 of 3, it should not be very hard to fix it so it would write all 3. It should not be hard to duplicate the problem with any CD or DVD Player that has no Internet connection. I would be happy to support your product financially and help in getting it distributed in stead of the other products that are so popular currently but their support is completely incompetent and can't help at all on a problem like this. On other products they don't even write any of the CD-TEXT data to Audio CD's, but they refuse to do anything to fix the problem. There is something going on to prevent illegal copying of CD's. And to be clear with the matter, I am all against that. I just find it more convenient to play my music from mp3 player that from CD Player, that is why I copy them from CD to mp3. If the computer is not connected to Internet, now everything shows as Unknown. Only my car stereos show it as they should. If the computer is connected to the internet, then it shows all names as it should (even the front image) on commercial CD's. The Audio CD that I have made by using ImgBurn shows everything, just only not the artist name no matter if the computer is connected to internet and on my car stereos.
  3. C'mon. My car has no internet connection, neither does my DVD player. The info comes from the CD or DVD disk and shows on all, except ImgBurn. See for yourself, my CD's and DVD's can't all be that different than yours.
  4. This is getting weird. All the official CD's that I have tested this far are showing all information properly in Windows Media Player (with no extra plugins that I know of) as well as car CD player, but ImgBurn shows everything as Unknown for the Album (except total time and number of tracks) and all info about the tracks is missing (just their length). And yes I have tested it in Windows 7, 8 and XP. ImgBurn Version:
  5. As you can see from the attached cue file, the Album Performer: is listed properly on the file and shows properly when Media Information is shown on the ImgBurn. It just doesn't show on CD Player, nor Windows Media Player. Ă…lease see the attached Screen shot Mediainformation.jpg The CD that I am trying to create has not been published. It is a copy of a c-cassette that has various demos from Ken Hensley on years 1986-1991. So how dows one get a Disc ID?
  6. Still no answers. Is this some copy protection scam? I am _not_ doing anything illegal nor unethical here. Just checking if we could raise some money to support some charitable causes with full knowledge and co-operation of the artist himself.
  7. I have successfully added all track data and Album Name, but the Album Artist remains "Unknown Artist". I have checked the options, but can't find one that fixes the problem. As far as I can tell, the Album Artist is in the .cue file (PERFORMER) just like the Album Name (TITLE). But on a CD player only Album Name shows properly, Album Artist shows "UNKNOWN ARTIST" For each track they both show ok. BTW. ImgBurn is today one of the very few that can actually write the data to an Audio CD properly. All others I have tried end up with an Audio CD that has the music, but the CD Player only shows track 01, track 02 ... for track names and Unknown Album, Unknown Artist for the album. I have a set of mp3 files on USB memory stick, proper cue file (attached) but still see the text "Unknown Artist" on CD player in car etc.. Log files attached, too. I do remember doing Audio CD's with Microsoft Windows Media Player and they would show all data properly. But that has changed during the last years. I have tested other programs like CDBurnerXP, NCH Express Burn but they are doing as bad as Windows Media Player, their support doesn't have a clue. Best Regards, Leo Ken Hensley - Variaous Demos.cue ImgBurnKHVD.log
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