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  1. Thanks for the help RhoTrux64 I will take your advice in consideration also.Thanks once more.
  2. Well with my good luck it probably wont work,but I thank you for taking time and good will to help me,thank you very very much.
  3. Didn't know for that one,so that drive will work just fine or it has to be crossflashed or something like that!
  4. Nooooooo,don't say that,I tried on diferent forums to get some info on burners and realized that your answers, advice . . . are as far the best,so I was wondering is it possible to crossflash that asus drive to something else,sorry for my bad english.
  5. Hey it's me again,could you please,please tell me will this drive do?Thanks. http://www.asus.com/Optical_Drives/DRW24B3ST/
  6. Hello,it's me again and sorry again for bothering you,could you please tell me in your opinion the best settings for ATAPI iHAP122 W,because I keep getting the same L-EC Uncrrectable Error,but i think i should mention that this drive worked just fine on old pc and now on this i get same error as with the samsung drive i mention in old post.Please accept my apologies for my bad english.
  7. Thank you very much for your fast response,so in your opinion that drive is not good at all,and the best thing is i bought that drive just recently. Should i even try to change or not eeprom settings or anything. I apologize for bothering you with this but my currently financing state cannot afford buying new drive so i am willing to try anything to make this one work.If anything can be done.Thanks and one more time i apologize for bothering you with my problems.
  8. Hello to everyone,first I apologize for my bad English,now I have a problem with my xgd3 games,but xgd2 games are working just fine problem is that when I am trying to verify burned xgd3 game i get same error report and that game cannot be installed to xbox hdd.Could I please get some help.Thanks. Drive is samsung SH-224DB DvD+r dl at this moment is Traxdata 8.5gb 240 mins 8x the purple ones,later today i'll get good old verbatim dvd+r dl 8x ImgBurn.log
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