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  1. I am familiar with what opencandy is and I always read my prompts when installing new software so avoiding all the mal/bloatware in your installer wasn't an issue. But I'll be finding a new piece of burning software from now on. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable suggesting imgburn to anyone as I always have in the past. I understand that the revenue you get from using opencandy is massive compared to what you get from donations, but I simply can't bring myself to use software that knowngly exploits and caters to the lowest common denominator. Yes opting out is easy enough...but the entire concept of opencandy is that a huge percentage of the population will be too clueless to do so. Its shitty business and I simply can't trust imgburn. I know you get hundreds of these posts a week, but quite frankly you need to hear it and I was appalled to see how shiftily you treated every single customer telling you what you shouldn't have to be told. Its shitty and it hurts your reputation.
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