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  1. Hi, what's the difference if i burn an ISO of DVD with & without .mds file ? Thank's
  2. I have buy WMA LOSSLESS on MusicME, (it´s really lossless or Fake un this site?) I want create audio cd With those files, i create cue??? And after i CAN play on all platforms? (.cda)
  3. Thank's =) But i have FFDShow, IMGBURN don't use FFDShow ? Because i've activate Flac but doesn't work..
  4. Yes, thank's for all dude =) So, my last question, when i listen FLAC with MPC-HC, madflac.ax is automatically used? or i needi nstall in mpc-hc
  5. UAC is that ? I have say : Don't advert me, i acept all i think, it's the reason of .bat work ?
  6. I've not drag+drop, i've click/click the 'install' file and says : The Direct show filter was registered sucessfully Don't need regsvr32 ? So, you say : Extract the rar (using something like WinRAR from www.rarsoft.com ) to ‘C:\Program Files\madFlac’ (or ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\madFlac’ if you’re using a 64 bit operating system). I'm on Windows 7 64 bit, don't need to be in Program Files x86? i can be on C:Windows\Applications ?
  7. On my HDD C:Windows i have create a folder : Applications, for eac3to (i have create folder for eac3to in Applications), i can create a folder madFlac in my new folder Applications and put it here? And i have FFDshow installed, why don't work ?
  8. I extract it in IMGBurn folder? And this modify quality? Because i don't want touch my tracks, i want the quality like i've ripped (it's CD Rip with EAC)
  9. Hi, i want burn an .cue of FLAC but i have this message I wasn't install other programs, because i use eac3to, for don't have problems in decoders yesterday ImgBurn work, but today i have this message..
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