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  1. yes, that was the last bit bugging me after setting all the different types of data actions to "do nothing".... it was still taking that action.... i guess i could re-enable the feature within imgburn, and disable the native cd capability.... i think i'm fine the way i am right now tho....
  2. That's it you're right. It's VMWare.... Sorry about that. So what if Explorer doesn't notice it? I can just hit refresh and that's that.... Or open WinAmp or whatever else and hit "play" for example and off we go.... More comments: Using the regular "The way to do it is to go to your write drive directory (like E:), right click to get Properties, then there is a tab AutoPlay. Select each type of media and how you want the computer to react to it, and press Apply after selecting each one." does not work in a consistent manner. e.g it still opens an explorer window even if I tell Win XP to do nothing. Perhaps that is the XP native CD recording capability that I *also* need to turn off as mentioned in this thread.... The Tweak is really not for me, sorry guys. gpedit.msc does not work in Home Edition. I will try to turn off the XP native CD recording capability perhaps but I'm happy with having turned off the autodetect within ImgBurn..... Unless that's a problem, I may just leave it that way.
  3. tx for ur reply. what is different between windows autoplay and the imgburn option? the thing is: i don't want windows to do anything at all when i insert a cd. i want to insert it and do whatever i want afterwards, open up imgburn or winamp, etc.... i could *swear* that during install, imgburn gave the message: "autoplay can be tricky or unstable and it is recommended to turn it off. would u like to do so?"--words to that effect. if it is not imgburn, then it must be another program but i really don't think so. in any event, i went ahead and disabled it following the advice in the 1st reply in the thread and it works fine. why is that not recommended?
  4. hi, running win xp home edition, imgburn during install process, imgburn asked me if i wanted to turn off autoplay (or autorun) in Windows and I foolishly chose "no". i *would* like to turn it off--have tried using the properties tab in windows device manager where u can set individual actions for each type of data on the disk--but does not work. everytime, windows anyway opens up a folder of the files on the CD. i just want it to do *nothing*. can i use imgburn to turn this feature off (without re-installing it)? if so, how? also, is it possible to turn it back on (if for some reason i needed that at a later point?) tx.
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