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  1. Oh so do you know of any on the market Slim DVD drives that are capable of Overburning? I've done research and could not really find too much results.
  2. I know of only one popular Overburn by default drive which is the "Sony Optiarc Burner - Sony 5280S-CB-PLUS" but that's pretty bulky and I want something that I could carry around with me easily as my laptop has no drive. The only Slim Drive that I found that Overburns is the "Rosewill USB 2.0 External Slim 8X CD & DVD Burner Model ROD-EX003" or the EX002 or EX001 models. They all list Overburning as a feature on their specification sheet on the company website. I'd like to know if anyone has used such drives, and whether or not they are a good, portable alternative to the Sony Optiarc. I would also like to find other slim overburn drives but it seems hard for me to find those or I'm unsure where to look as my searches all generally lead me to the Rosewill slim drives.
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