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  1. Strange title But your prgramme works However - i was using dvdflick for converting - successfully in win xp until a few weeks ago when i had to switch to win 7 i then started get error 53 messages searched on web and followed suggestions to reseolve (uninstall - reinstall - delletiong files in users/appdata it worked and thgemn wouldnt I knbow dvdflick isnt your programme my question is what video converter will allow your programme to convert the file to an iso file and then allow imgburn to burn to disc.
  2. Hi I have just had this problem will post log but need to add that after the error message, i tried burning a different video and it worked here is the log with the errors
  3. Just an update Bought R only discs and the programme worked just fine Thanks
  4. No I do not have to use RW discs - thanks - will switch and see how that goes Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the update I have TDK discs and have been burning successfully until recently. As I said I successfully burned a tdk disc yesterday, but still getting this error now. what discs would be good to try?
  6. I was successful in burning an ISO file t disc so thougfht i would do another copy. I tried several times - even put in a new disc, rebooting the pc but go the following message Any tips appreciated Thanks
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