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  1. Sorry ISF god, the file is not a .wmv, it is a wlmp, which I suppose is the standard Windows MovieMaker file. I have made hundreds of these discs of my vacation trips and other events, burned them with the MovieMaker burn process and have never had a problem playing them through my DVR and onto my large screen TV. This all started when I had to replace my computer a few months ago because of age. The new computer did include Windows MovieMaker but Microsoft had deleted the burn process. So, where am I supposed to burn these discs I make in MovieMaker? Microsoft's answer was to buy MovieMaker Pro upgrade for an additional $99 and it would include the burn process. Meanwhile, I was told that if I used ImgBurn it would solve my problem. ImgBurn, indeed, will burn to the disc, but will not play on my DVR, just on my computer. Is there a way in ImgBurn to get around this? Fro, the complaints I have read about Microsoft dropping the burning process from MovieMaker, there must be plenty of people out there in my predicament. Thank you for your time and patience, it is appreciated.
  2. I recently replaced my computer. With it comes MovieMaker. Microsoft has dropped the burn process in MovieMaker for some unknown reason. A big disappointment. Someone told me I need a third party program to burn DVDs. So I chose ImagBurn. I made a file in MovieMaker that included photos and music like I always did. The file extension is .wmv. I opened ImgBurn and burned the file to a DVD+R disc. It plays fine on my computer but won't play on my DVR connected to my TV like all my others used to. Someone told me the .wmv file needs to be converted to an ISO file and that ImgBurn does just that. I thought ImgBurn took care of that when I burned the DVD, but it didn't. My Question: How do a make my file an ISO using ImgBurn so I can play it on my TV?
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