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  1. Your answer is not an answer... I am sure that ImgBurn is the best (or at least one of the best) free CD/DVD burner and I am not complaining about this great work. Any way, this forum is full of people that got infected by malware (adware = malware in my opinon) making use of the OpenCandy installer. You have to think that a lot of not experienced people install ImgBurn and I guess that a lot of them get fooled by the OpenCandy installer without they even are aware of this! The fact taht there are many dowloads and few complains about OpenCandy doesn't prove nothing! How many people among them are aware of what OpenCandy is? How many of them do realize that other software is installed with ImgBurn simply because they clicked in a wrong place? The fact that the author didn't reply to this post make me think that I am right when I say that he wish to make money through OpenCandy kidding his users! OpenCandy is not the correct way, because it fools the users, expecially the inexperienced ones, and it si not a good thing taht one must loose a lot of time to remove unwanted software or malware after installing ImgBurn only because they mistaked something or didn't pay attention at what they did or worst because they where not aware of what they did! There should be a reason for all antivirus software signals OpenCandy as malware! And If the author invites people to go to the OpenCandy web site to see what they say... this is surely not an answer: Mr. OpenCandy will never admit that he is supporting malware! I repeat, you author stop kidding your users forcing them to use malware to install your software! Or make it shareware.
  2. I am a new user and I really liked this program but the decision to rely on OpenCandy is a very bad thing! I looked around in the iternet and I found out that OpenCandy not only presents the user some other program to install, but it also installs itself in your computer without your permission and sends information on your computer without you to know of this!!! And It is not clear at all what other tasks could it perform in the background. Take a look at the following link to have an idea of what OpenCandy is: http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/controversial-advertising-program-now-being-embedded-more-software.htm I really like ImgBurn but I will never go after release unless the author will decide to leave OpenCandy. I uderstand that OpenCandy could be a way to make money for this great free software but I can't approve that this is done at risk of the users and OpenCandy puts your computer at risk, even if this is only collecting information on your PC, and after all it violates your privacy, no matter if Mr. OpenCandy says that all information is collected anonymously, this is any way a violation because all the stuff is done without the user permission! I invite the author to leave OpenCandy and also I invite all users to not install versions of ImgBurn newer than (the last without OpnCandy). If you author wish to be payd for your great work make your software shareware o payware and stop to kidding your users!
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