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    I would like to update my post. I clicked run but NEVER agreed to the terms of the install because Malwarebytes instantantly stopped the install. So I stopped the install. However, since that brief encounter I've been plagued with malware that has been difficult to remove and has caused Malwarebytes several scans and restarts to eradicate. Nice job boys!
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    On the off-chance that the ImgBurm folks are listening, and don't ignore me like they did the folks who started another thread with the same issue (http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/21877-why-the-malware/), which is a closed topic, I have a couple cents to toss in the pool. As an attorney I can tell all of you that nobody has grounds to complain. The software comes as is with no warranty of any kind. However, the person monitoring this forum should have the decency to expain why they are passing the buck and not addressing why Malwarebytes won't even let me install ("Run") the software. The canned response is "I don't have any control over the bundled garbage that comes with it. But when my Malware program stops the install due to its protection of my rights to NOT install garbageware, that then implies that this software installer is malware, plain and simple. On the other hand, this software developer would probably host this another way than through "opencandy" (sp?) if users of this software would simply agree to donate. So, ImgBurn, if you are listening, why don't you offer a donate version and then send it w/o garbageware to the PayPal user's email?
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