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  1. yes sorry about that its because i copied and pasted that from somewhere else and yes i know thats the cheap ones but i tried the verbatims in all 4 of my dvd drives and ive even bought a new one and its still the same and i did have the latest version but i installed an older one well the one before the most previous to see if that would work and it didnt ive ran out of ideas i even tried setting it to calculate optimal and it just sets it to 1913760 then when it starts writing it writes layer 0 as 1913759 then it writes layer 1 as 1913760 when it gets to like 50 percent im really confused and i dont normally post on forums etc but i am really out of ideas
  2. imgburn keeps setting my layer brake for the discs well only layer 0 to 1913759 and then once it gets to about 50% when burning it changes to 1913760 its really frustrating because all the discs i've burned with imgburn with that error dont work as soon as i click to go on the ballad of gay tony it freezes instantaneously now i know if the files were corrupt it freezes somewhere on the loading screen while the game is loading but this doesnt even get as far as the loading screen it isnt my burners i know it aint my files because ive tried different ones downloaded a different gta iso and bought a new burner cant be the discs because i wasted 10 verbatim ones with this stupid error and ive tried a different laptop also and same thing occured so it has to be imgburn any help is much appreciated and id love to get to the bottom of this because i know im not the only one with it ive searched about and some other people are getting it also just no one has the solution.... ImgBurn.log
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