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  1. I want to replace the DRIVER.CAB file in my WIndows XPSp3 installation CD because a portion of the file is unreadable. I have another version with a DRIVER.CAB file that contains the missing files - and is readable. Can that be done inside of ImgBurn? Alternatively, how can it be done using other tools? i think that would enable me to get a bootable and fully functional install CD/DVD. I have a 100% ok DRIVER.CAB file, and I have an ISO file where the DRIVER.CAB file has several errors in a number of files. I can open both folders, side by side with a program like 7zip and stare at the files listed, all that I can't do is to drag files from one side to the other. That's it, so close and yet so remote, just like wishing you were on the moon. Am I overlooking something, is there a solution I just don't see?
  2. I have used ImgBurn some, but I am am uncertain about some aspects of how to use it. I have a special problem: My XPSp3 installation CD developed an error in its i386/DRIVER.CAB file. I have been trying to replace the corrupt files in the CAB file to fix the ISO file by having ImgBurn ignore the corrupted files and insert replacemennts from another CD, but it seems I am unable to find the right way of doing it. Is it possible to manipulate the ISO file after loading it into ImgBurn? I have tried using 7zip to replace the whole DRIVER.CAB or only the corrupted files but most of the time I run into trouble so I really don't know what to do now.
  3. As far as I can see, there is not any option for writing a boot image to an USB stick?
  4. My bad, I only found the Input->Advanced tab, didn't realize there's an Advanced tab further to the left. Hope I can do better next time.
  5. Where is the Advanced-> Bootable Disc tab?
  6. Roffen


    Rapidly approaching 85 I don't have much to contribute but just having 'met' and used imgburn I have to express my delight at encountering not only a genuine freeware product without any restrictions to its use, but a software product of top notch quality, and a real pleasure to use. It even recognize that I am using a laptop computer... Whoeever created it, he/they deserve recognition and some hard credit for the excellence of their work! And that ends my first and last entry ever in this forum with a big CHEERS! Rolf Aalberg, Norway
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