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  1. What kind of a burning hardware do I need for a DVD with size 8.5GB (MediaRange)? I bought 10 of these with the intention to put some large sized movies on them but when I select the files, ImgBurn reads "Incompatible media installed" and it won't let me proceed with the burning process. My optical device is ASUS RW DVD+R DL E-GREEN X-MULTI (these are the inscriptions on it).
  2. I just installed MBAM to check my PC for threats and it found one in the file I least expected - ImgBurn - Setup.exe (I renamed it when I downloaded it on April 2015). I'm sure there is no crap in it because I use ImgBurn for quite some time and never had any problems caused by the program but I find it disturbing that many AV programs detect it as a threat called "Open Candy". I even uploaded it to VirusTotal and the detection rate is 24/58. That doesn't mean I'll stop using it. https://www.virustotal.com/bg/file/a6f9126febec0e18e0b89268d4de877b4566ed1ac29ad51d6af1e3339c72618f/analysis/1497367525/ The funny thing is this detection appears only on the setup file. I just scanned the ImgBurn install folder and it found no threats.
  3. I told it to open for image burning because there's no other option available. If there were an option "Start ImgBurn", I would have selected that option and I wouldn't have to start this topic. Here's a screenshot of the available autoplay option. Unless I'm blind, there is no option to just open ImgBurn at its main menu: Years ago, when I was still using Ashampoo burning program (long before I found ImgBurn) it added several options in autoplay. Two of them were "Burn an image using Ashampoo" and "Burn files/folders using Ashampoo". So what I'm requesting for is to add option "Burn files/folders using ImgBurn" OR simply run the program to its main menu where I can select what I wanna do next.
  4. Hi. I noticed that the program opens in image burning mode when I put an empty disc in the device. However, I'd prefer if there were an option that will just open ImgBurn at its main menu where I can select what to do. 90% of the time I put an empty disc is to burn movies and tv shows. So, can you add an autoplay item reading just "Start ImgBurn"?
  5. That's the problem - even with a CUE file VCD refused to open a BIN and returned errors. That's why I switched back to Daemon Tools. Before DT I used VCD for over a year. As for the other formats, I've seen them in several torrents one of which is NFS Carbon. The only way I could play that game was to open these files with DTLite. No other program could open them, not even VCD.
  6. Today I ran a simulation because I wanted to see what it does (never used that one in any program before) and I got a disc wasted because it was finalized. While the simulation was running, the log window read there was an option "burn-proof" activated which suggests no data will be written on the disc. The disc was empty after that and yet it was finalized. That is why I'm suggesting for you to add one more option - "finalize-proof" which will prevent the finalization of the disc after the simulation is completed. Thus people like me who were just curious won't have their discs wasted.
  7. VCD is not a bad program but in its current state it's just useless. It can open only a few formats but BIN, B6T, B6I and B00 are not among them which makes VCD rather useless program. It also can't open some images created with the Alcohol software. Not to mention it takes a rather long time to open a regular ISO (for example - ISO created with ImgBurn from a DVD disc) while Daemon Tools Lite opens all formats instantaneously. In short - I wouldn't regret it if the development of VCD ceases.
  8. It doesn't but it still finalizes the disk, making it unusable after.
  9. I ran that to try it and I still wasted one disk because it turned out it was finalized. I noticed that while the process was running the log window read there was a "burn-Proof" setting activated. Maybe the developers should add one more option to that - "finalizing-Proof", so that you don't lose an empty disk after the simulation.
  10. I've noticed many burning programs have a function named "burning simulation" and so does ImgBurn (the icon is a blank page with many zeroes on it and an arrow pointing to a disk). Just out of curiousity - what is the perpose of that function? Why would anyone want to run a simulation instead of a normal burning process?
  11. I thought it was unnecessary because other programs don't do that. They perform a verification without ejecting.
  12. I noticed ImgBurn ejects the disk after burning and takes it back immediately in order to start verifying files. Is there any way to avoid that unnecessary ejection?
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