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  1. I found the entry about using dvd decrypter, renaming files so dvdshrink uses it for backup. Don't have that one..have the fab one... anyway, I used dvdshrink to create an ISO and now using ImgBurn to write the dvd image....36% and going strong. Not sure why dvdshrink using Nero has a problem but hopefully this will give me an option. Any tip on how to use dvdshrink to invoke Imgburn without having dvd decrypter installed? Not sure I want to rename nero software.... I first used Fabdecrypter to create the hd copy...i hear dvddecrypter is a bit out of date now....
  2. I'm having problems burning a backup DVD using DVDShrink (which uses Nero) which hangs in the early part of writing the CD. Have a sony dvd writer and used their dvd drivecheck tool and sending doc to them but in meantime wanted to try ImgBurn to write the dvd image I have on my harddrive (vob files) but it doesn't look like it will burn those file types.? I have been able to write a dvd using nero vision express but from wmv files. Haven't figured out how to use Nero directly to write an existing dvd image from my HD.
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